1. Yawn. Yet another samey manga based Japanese film that has the same essential plot of a thousand other Japanese films based on manga, where revenge is the plot and Super-Duper Mega-Human Over-9000 powers are involved.

  2. Bro if you’re gonna be so miserable and unconstructive then why even bother commenting

  3. I think it will try and stick true to the source material tone wise, primarily series with room for silly. They went out of the way to cast the original Rider's son as the Rider here.

  4. You’re thinking of Kamen Rider Beyond Generations where they cast Maito Fujioka as Ichigo, Sosuke Ikematsu is playing Ichigo in this movie

  5. Totally, i’m a sucker for designs with lots of spikes

  6. They don’t, the sjhu is only a promotional thing, not a cinematic universe

  7. Watch out, she may be small but she seems very ferocious

  8. I don’t dislike Rodan, but I much prefer Gyaos in both design and how it’s portrayed in the movies

  9. Shin Godzilla also has a very mixed reaction among many people, so this isn’t necessarily a bad sign

  10. If you call it racist just to see a picture like this then you are the one who is racist in assuming they are referring to Jews.

  11. I’m so so tired of seeing people saying this whenever someone points out antisemitic stereotypes. We’re not saying Jewish people look like this, we’re saying that these are stereotypes that are used to insult and condemn people like me for simply existing, so please educate yourself and don’t brush things like this aside so quickly, because even if you aren’t doing it maliciously it is still harmful

  12. Yellow is shown to be bratty, lazy and impatient, Purple seems cold and distant, and doesn't believe in the prophecy, Blue wants to be leader and is arrogant, and Black just seems like a cool guy, honestly, lol. They aren't as much of dicks as Racules, I guess.

  13. There’s a pretty big difference between the others being flawed people and Racules being a power hungry psycho

  14. Yeah it's kind of weird for the title of this post to be referencing the computer graphics and how modern they are when in execution this looks visually awful. Maybe they blew all the budget on the VFX LED walls themselves and had nothing left over for the actual cgi?

  15. I mean it’s a weekly children’s tv show, when you take into account the budget and time restrictions it does look relatively good

  16. Given the success of the Mandalorian, I am surprised there hasn't been a reboot or reimagining of Zubat. I mean the wandering hero is a sort of sci-fi world writes itself these days.

  17. I would love a Shin Kaiketsu Zubat but finding the right actor to play Ken would be extremely difficult, the role truly feels like it was made for Miyauchi and no one else

  18. I don’t know why, but I get the feeling that you like Kamen Rider Vulcan

  19. Since fucking when is kamen rider cool now.

  20. Ren and Satoshi Matsuda are very different, Ren is very serious and gloomy but Matsuda seems like a very cheerful guy, much more like Shinji than Ren

  21. Stuff like this that I used to think are cringe I find unironically super cool in adulthood

  22. Ace and Taro are brothers, but the rest aren’t

  23. I’m 99% sure that this is about Neon, this would be a really weird line to have as just a throwaway

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