1. My mum, my dad and my brother. Sadly all now passed.

  2. Considered well above average by British standards but definitely not rich. It was alleged they used a chunk of the public fundraising for MM to pay their mortgage in the early days of her disappearance.

  3. As the timelines from the McCanns and their wider group were constantly revised and updated, this became a possible "best mean fit" suggestion to tie together their sketchy timelines.

  4. "In any other criminal case, those that created a blatant lie would be called out and become prime suspects." Okay, they did become suspects. Just catching you up on that one.

  5. But sympathy for their "plight" seems to have glossed over these basic facts. The Portuguese police could see it, but the British press were on the McCann's side and painted the "simple sardine-munching" local police like Keystone cops.

  6. It turned into international politics where even the British PM at the time, Gordon Brown got involved. He happened to be a friend of a friend of one of the Tapas.7. Therein lies the beginning of the muddying of the waters. Influential friends.

  7. I agree with you. However, what evidence do the German police have against Christian B? That's my question.

  8. I can only surmise that some fellow criminal told them that he'd said he was involved. Well he would, wouldn't he. I bet he would have loved to be involved - in his dreams, the sick b****d. They've no evidence other than someone suggested he was involved, and they'd love to believe it.

  9. We literally do not know. It’s one thing to have an opinion, but it’s another to be willing to die on either hill. Anyone who says that isn’t worth listening to, tbh

  10. Come on. The parents have lied and obfuscated since day 1. I don't know why. Tell me one other missing child case where the parents have spent more time and money on lawyers than anything else?

  11. Vladimir Putin. That dude is rolling in more dough than anyone else in all likelihood.

  12. I second that. Many forensic journalists estimate that Putin takes a cut from the majority of muti-billionaires that profited from Russia's selling off of their assets cheaply to the well-connected few.

  13. No way Lucifer. You're f*****g with my head. All those stone edifices are in fact metal? Get out of here..

  14. I’ve said it before but “Infinity” isn’t one singular thing, and there are I think 5? Different versions or types of infinity. Oh and some are bigger than others.

  15. Just the concept of this has blown my pea-sized brain.

  16. You can also multiply the two numbers and move the decimal 2 times to the left.

  17. I like that. Maths ( I'm British as you can tell ) can be interesting and practical - if you make it accessible and practical - not boring classroom stuff, that scares many off at an early age.

  18. That’s true, but part of the problem is finding things that are accessible and practical to kids. Inflation, mortgages and loans matter to you and me, but the average kid who doesn’t already see the value of maths isn’t going to give a shite (you caught me, I’m American, you don’t really say “give a shite,” do you?)

  19. Haha, we definitely DO say that. If I could give kids a maths tip, it would be the benefit of compound interest. What saving £100/$ would mean in 30/40 years time - or similarly pensions. Sadly I've worked this shit out too late in my late 50s, so I don't practice what I preach. At least I've managed to achieve owning a small paid-for house.

  20. Survey companies and mystery shopping are genuine but only worth it if you're desperate and have loads of time.

  21. Topcashback and Quidco type sites. Obviously they don’t fit your question exactly but you’ll be a few hundred quid better off most years just buying things you were already going to buy.

  22. I do use them both. They just give me about £50-£100 a year discount on what I'm already spending. Don't generate any cash.

  23. If you want to fly from London fairly soon.... £409

  24. He's obviously been shooting his mouth off at some fellow criminal suggesting he was involved.

  25. Twunt. I discovered that word recently. A great insult.

  26. Chasing potential partners out of our league.

  27. Iron Maiden. They introduced me to real meatl, not the nu-metal bullshit around at the time, and even though i've been actively looking for a better band for the last 20 years i've not found one, they are just awesome.

  28. I've never been a "meatl" fan haha, but loving your enthusiasm.

  29. Squeeze for me. First heard 'Cool For Cats' on the radio when I was a kid and have followed them ever since. I'm more into Glenn's solo stuff since '95, but I still pretty regularly give one of their superb classic albums a spin :)

  30. At the risk of sounding cheesy, my OH is absolutely my best friend.

  31. He was amazing, for so many reasons I can't do justice to with mere words.

  32. I was the same. Unfortunately needed to be a bit of a piece of shit to be as good as I am now. Wish I hadn't but then that's how I learned. I just hope the people I was shit too weren't affected as much as I worry they were.

  33. I think the same. I was a cunt (excuse the french) to some. Not as in being nasty to them, but discounting them because I thought they weren't the prettiest to show off to my friends.

  34. Personally, with the benefit of hindsight (and current friends telling me things I never realised before), I'd have picked up on signals from the opposite sex who were clearly attracted to me, and me to them, but I was too nervous and determined to believe myself unattractive to those people to see it.

  35. Tvs mounted more than 2 feet off the ground.

  36. I don’t have lawn furniture for my inside furniture, I have 3 meals a day rather than one, my clothes and shoes fit ( neither too big or too small hand me downs ) and I don’t drink powdered milk anymore.

  37. Powdered milk, yes. That's a painful reminder. It just tasted of...powder.

  38. I was thinking about this just today. Being able to buy my kids new shoes without worrying about it (I was always so fearful growing up of needing new shoes). Knowing my kids will never worry about affording school trips when they come up. Filling the fuel tank in my car all the way up, that one I'll never get used to.

  39. Well, she won't be mentioning any 'names' - otherwise JE's "intervention team" will be paying her a visit. Self-pitying nonsense.

  40. 80% when I first set eyes on her. 100% when I first spoke to her. 15 years on, I'm 110% certain. I'll never meet better. ( I know there's no such thing as 110%, but it feels like it. )

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