1. Midnight robbery - as opposed to the daylight robbery practised by her employers.

  2. Once again I'm forced to say, no matter how much it enrages, annoys or mildly irritates redditors, I'm feeling no particular financial squeeze. Not saying I don't recognise increased prices, but nothing life changing, sorry.

  3. Good luck to you, that you're not feeling the pinch. I'm not enraged or think that you have to show faux pity. Enjoy.

  4. Albumentioning it to the person I bought it off.

  5. Bob Arum? Is he even still a thing? He's got to be at least 90. I only associate him with being Don King's nemesis.

  6. Yes. Tell her she looks great, but ultimately it’s not about what YOU feel or think.

  7. I accept that. Ultimately it's her choice. I cannot change that. I fear what could go wrong. Most people who I see who have had "procedures" it's very obvious, in not a good way.

  8. So you're not worried about any possible complications of surgery, just that you might not like how she looks afterwards?

  9. I've mentioned before, that is my primary concern. Why risk her health for something that is not needed? Desired yes, but needed, no.

  10. He's a cunt. With a long history of cuntery.

  11. I think the stereotypical red-suited modern Santa was a marketing creation of Coca Cola.

  12. He'd eaten 10 packs of Walkers Salt and Lineker crisps before the game.

  13. Let's be honest, most people's kitchen cupboards are full of stolen pub beer glasses.

  14. They're an historic throw-back that mean nothing for 99% of the population.

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