1. but they don't have holes... I was thinking just the cds/dvds but would actually stored them like that?

  2. Ahh! Can you move the pegs to the other holes? It seems like a good way to group dvd or cd cases

  3. Pro Tip - Check out a bunch to your Kindle. Turn it on airplane mode and return them all on Libby. So long as you keep it on airplane mode you can read your books at your leisure and the next person on the waitlist gets the book.

  4. Tamales de rajas con queso! They are so good and freeze well. Made a huge batch for Christmas last year.

  5. I LOVE this cheese. Makes such good grilled cheese sandwiches.

  6. Not Danielle Steele but Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta series has a red sauce that sounds similar.

  7. No it is NOT common and it's illegal in the US. I'd report her to her organization. They can see what she accesses. It's a HUGE fine for the company if they're not careful.

  8. That's part of the issue!!!!!! She seemed serious at first, then said she was "joking" when I got upset. Maybe she IS joking. Maybe my PMDD has me overreacting/reading too much into it. I just can't tell and it's driving me crazy!!

  9. Nope. I work in health care. I wouldn't ever even joke about that. Never heard anyone joke about it expect 1 girl. Who was fired for accessing patient charts of people she knew/was related to.

  10. Not even stoned and still laughed way too hard at this!

  11. Amazing job! Love the color and the lining

  12. Wow! Just watched this movie last night

  13. Germ hook. Use it to open doors without having to touch them

  14. Both aired during Sweeps. Would make sense they'd put forward strong shows during that time. Especially as this is the time studios are thinking about renewing for another season based on ratings.

  15. Poor buddy. Looks defeated. Love the jammies though

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