1. Both you and your surrounding are stunning!

  2. I wish I could find adorable ones like this!

  3. Where does OP say her husband did or said any of that?

  4. This is gorgeous! Where did you get it! Also congrats on the huge achievement!!

  5. Got mine yesterday! Spent last night reading it and drinking tea. I can't wait to get started on the patterns I have. Now for a fabric run

  6. I think there are scenarios where you might want to swap the mouthpiece. I don't know what those could be though, I'm not a brass player.

  7. We had plastic ones for marching band so the mouthpiece didn't freeze to our lips

  8. TJ's Mushroom umami seasoning is also amazing

  9. Everyone is saying 'REPORT!". I would agree, BUT not only to the state medical board, but also his practice manager (who may not know his religious bias) AND your insurance company. I used to working in the credentialing department at a large insurance company. With complaints to the company directly they would most likely have convene a credentialing committee the next time his clinic tries to get a contract. Some will drop the whole clinic if their docs have enough complaints. Capitalism sucks but sometimes you've got to use it to your advantage. Losing a contract with a big insurance company could cripple the clinic.

  10. I love to cheat. Broth is a mix of roasted garlic & mushroom Better than Bouillon. The at the end like topping with pecorino and Trader Joe's mushroom umami seasoning.

  11. I love that picture and your beautiful grinder!

  12. Well hi there lighter twin. Hope you have a great day off!

  13. How do you get your tubes tied / sterilized at 24? I keep getting turned down πŸ™ƒ

  14. You made her rehome an almost 20 year old cat. This is all awful.

  15. You wanted Eggs Benedict? From someone who didn't know how to cook....at all?

  16. Happy Birthday! Enjoy 2nd Breakfast as well

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