1. How did I miss they’re on espn now…? Who is doing Fox?

  2. OP in particular wrote a code to alert his computer and phone with sirens whenever a new Tua thread comes up so he can shit on him.

  3. That dude talks the most shit out of anybody in this entire subreddit. When the Texans win 4 games this year it’ll be a very satisfying humble pie.

  4. LeCounte told Devonta to hit the weight room and things started to get out of hand.

  5. Are the Cowboys doing joint practice every week of preseason?

  6. I like it better than Fox that’s the only opinion I have on it

  7. Why don’t we have a rule for not posting Undisputed, SAS, etc?

  8. The Commies are the perfect name for a team based out of D.C

  9. If he puts up a 1k season next to DK, Philly fans might implode.

  10. It’s not like he pulled a Peyton and never associates himself with his original team anymore

  11. The gun owners not black so this sub won’t bring race into it like you racist mfs usually do.

  12. Never seen a quarterback get so much hype before taking a regular season snap.

  13. Our drafts outside the first round have been mid lately.

  14. I seriously doubt the cowboys get another Super Bowl in Jerry Jones’ remaining lifetime

  15. When will the 49ers win another super bowl in your lifetime?

  16. If Trey ends up working out they could win one pretty soon. The cowboys on the other hand have tied themselves to a mediocre QB that won’t even sniff the NFCCG

  17. Have you always been delusional or did you just start to pick it up?

  18. I think they meant on drills with actual pass rush instead of drills where Herbert’s given all day to throw the football

  19. Yea I guess the beat writer wasn’t paying attention when stuff like this was happening lol

  20. iia says:

    OBJ's getting signed today.

  21. Damn I hope they do not show that on national television

  22. Just like how Jamal adams remembers all 5 people who were drafted ahead of him

  23. Tashre is one of those fans who lives in the hopes of his own team's failures so he can say "I told you so" on the internet to complete strangers.

  24. Brotha AT&T stadium is everyones stadium EXCEPT for the Dallas Cowboys stadium, home field DISADVANTAGE. It isn't like ol Texas Stadium, the 9er fans owned that shit in the wild card. You good man

  25. Your ass did not go to the wildcard game fam you should probably sit this one out before coming to conclusions

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