Because Rhianna and Umbrella are trending tonight I'm legally required to repost one of the best things in America over 20 years

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  1. Gotta send me some images of that lawbringer drip please

  2. Gotta disagree. While amazing its not the best, I gotta admit it got repetitive in late game

  3. Wtf you played the game man? Repetitive? Owl? Divine dragon? True monk? Demon? SS Isshin? Literally some of the most unique and cool fights in Any fromsoft game

  4. I did play the game. It has unique fights, and some are my favorite. But thats how I felt after the Mist Village. Repetitive parrying. At times it didnt feel engaging. The movement is top notch tho

  5. Hmm guess the parry Sound and mikiri and sweep jump and prosthetic variety was enough to keep my monkey brain satisfied

  6. Started with Sekiro and it became my favorite game of all time (still is) after i killed Genichiro. Then i heard Elden ring was coming out so i got that and also loved it, so i thought i should also do Dark souls. So i got Ds3 and Ds1, played ds1 first amd again i loved it so much and still one of my favorites, then i got to Ds3. And holy shit was that a good game like the bosses omfg, i love Pontiff and SoC. And then it came “ooh play Bloodborne it’s the best” all I’m saying is it started out ok at best so i quit, platinumed Elden ring and sekiro, played som Ghost of Tsushima and GoW, but eventually i had to get back so i got my ass to the console and played it again. I started to really like the lore but the gameplay just felt boring and meh, and i still haven’t gotten past one reborn and the game just doesn’t feel Worth it at the moment, so I’m thinking about getting Ds2 to play.

  7. DID YOU KNOW, that you can now download videos directly from reddit

  8. The norse are known to be safe

  9. The danish was more vikings than Sweden and Norway combined lmao

  10. 14yos are either this cringefest or the most insufferable MAGA nuts in existence. As a former example of the latter, I’m sorry.

  11. No, danish (Manual in danish = manuel)

  12. Well, that means that it's the same for danish and french there, cuz manual also translates to manuel in french

  13. Who cares, they all die to a sickly zombie wielding a toothpick

  14. No, I think that is the dwarf who forged Mjölnir. He was named Sindri if I'm not wrong.

  15. Sindri and his brother Brok

  16. What’s the problem with baldness?

  17. Nothing just a joke, my bad

  18. I won't. You're one of the happiest countries in the world, I respect you

  19. You too man, love your pizzas 🇩🇰🤝🇮🇹

  20. Oh please. You Danes can't actually claim to have fought in WW2. You were just Anschluss 2.0

  21. It was an inside job okay :(

  22. Are Swedes Discount Danes, or are Danes Premium Swedes? We might never know.

  23. Im pretty sure Denmark is older than Sweden. It’s kinda like the annoying little brother

  24. I think you got the characters confused Lsmh is just a Human with a pot and 2 katanas while Wolf is immortal, has unlimited stamina, Can deflect anything and has a blade that Can kill anything

  25. Nah, i like most of my teachers, but some of my classmates Can be fucking assholes alot of times.

  26. 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕

  27. Welcome to what English was meant to be before the French and Danes got their hands onto it

  28. Nah man, we danes got Ragnar

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