1. Sadly This is how many Soulsborne veterans feel, i just wish that they’d atleast try it before they shit on it

  2. Ohhh, you meant that one. But you Said it was the one that smiles that was for $140?

  3. Yeah okay, fair enough… I had no idea how to make the title, i just thought the YT comment belonged here :/

  4. I thought Inner Geni was harder than Father or Isshin

  5. Wait seriously? I have already killed Inner Geni which wasn’t that hard for me, I also killed Inner Isshin first try yesterday. I haven’t fought Inner Owl yet, is he that easy?

  6. I have killed SS Isshin 4 times in total :D Inner Isshin: 1 so far :)

  7. Imagine Dragons would be fucking cool

  8. What the fuck is two thousand eight hundred thirteen thousand?

  9. It’s 2 thousand, 8 hundred and 13

  10. The "k" means kilo, which is one thousand. 1000k is one million. Like y2k means year 2000..

  11. This was helpful. I can now train my squirrels so that they can take down the annoying snakes. Have my award

  12. Update me when you have trained them :)

  13. Snake looks like it has a cursed penne pasta in it's mouth

  14. Dun dundundun duuu dududu, dudu du du du du duuuu

  15. neither, just my opinion. no need to be disrespectful about it

  16. Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t know Why i was angry, but I’m still confused. Both of them can easely be killed with lilac umbrella and divine confetti. So why in such different categorys?

  17. sichimen is just a really easy boss to kill. headless bosses are annoying because there are a lot of them and also throughout the fight they slow u down which is the worst thing that can happen to u. they deal extremely high amount of damage and they can also curse u by just hitting u a couple of times which means insta death.

  18. I respect your opinion and fair enough, but here’s my opinion :)

  19. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Congrats, you beat the, arguably, hardest boss of the game, depend if you find hardest the demon of hatred or not lol

  20. Albinauric head and Dual thorned whips. That’s literally all of it

  21. Pain, pain, pain… I ONLY FEEL PAIN

  22. Shibas are 1 step closed to conquering the world! MUHAHAHAHA

  23. Isshin, because he’s too good to be true

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