1. Isn’t this the same ad where he yells at “Pam” and she starts crying so hard she just plops a baby out on the floor?

  2. lol i thought they have confirmed he will play Mr Fantastic in the upcoming fantastic 4 movie for a second

  3. I mean, I think that's essentially solid at this point. You have the same actors playing AU versions of Mordo, Carter and Rambo in this film. It makes sense that Mount and Krasinski come back for mainline stuff. You don't waste talent like this imo, but I guess we'll see what happens

  4. there is a big chance that marvel Will announce the fantastic four cast in D23 , and i think they already have chosen John krasinski.

  5. You said exactly what he said and got 8 upvotes instead of 4 downvotes

  6. Back in the 2020 investor's video, Feige said that Ironheart and Secret Invasion would both directly connect to feature films above all the other Disney+ MCU shows. Secret Invasion surely directly connects to The Marvels, but what about Ironheart?

  7. https://giphy.com/gifs/eKNrUbDJuFuaQ1A37p

  8. The first season was basically a copy from the office uk , most of characters personality start changing in the second season , Michael is one of the greatest characters in the show and he became more likely in the upcoming episodes.

  9. Oh shoot sorry one last question. Do the 7 cameos also include the post credit scene one?

  10. Not really, but in my opinion No way home is really a great movie and if you like spider-man the movie will make you happy.

  11. So who was that woman in the first post credit scene? Did she open a portal to Dormammu?

  12. Clea , she is doctor Strange lover in comics and she is played by Charlize Theron.

  13. I am going to watch the movie with an open mind, but I swear, if I waited 6 years for a new Doctor Strange movie, only to be a Scarlet Witch film/fest... ಠ_ಠ

  14. Unfortunately doctor Strange isn't the main character in his own movie

  15. She gonna be the villian by the end of this movie ain’t she?

  16. It's really annoying me how weak he is in his own movie, i really don't care about cameos or Illuminati, i just wanted good standard movie about doctor Strange

  17. Yeah it sucks especially after Wanda literally just had her own show. Not that I don't like Wanda, I do a lot but she could have had her own movie rather than make Dr strange 2 the sequel to wandavision and also America Chavez debut movie.

  18. And the most infuriating thing that even the most of the Illuminati will dies in the most brutal way ever and how they turned wanda into killing machine.

  19. That’s a stretch for krasinski. Fantastic idea though

  20. I hate him more than Nelly, its hard to believe tho.

  21. Yes he looks like about to going a party no one gives a shit bout him, like Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen Micheal Cera movies.

  22. probably not necessary though, only if you want to see the backstory, but it is probably irrelevant

  23. They almost did the decapitated head of Captain America so I don’t know…

  24. Maybe if John krasinski will be the main mr Fantastic he could be also the director

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