1. And he gets along great with my dad. I guess he just wanted to hang out with the other couple- the guy is his best friend.

  2. It's easier for your husband to be mad at you than his friend. Doesn't make it right though. You are definitely NTA. Husband needs to stop being selfish and think of what the right thing to do is and turning your father away on Thanksgiving is definitely not the right thing!

  3. Why is it easier to be mad at me though? The friend raised his voice at me and my husband stopped the conversation because he understood how upset his friend was getting. Not because his friend was raising his voice. I would never allow my side to talk to him that way. This whole thing is so crazy.

  4. Because it's his buddy and his "bro" and men from a very young age have their bro's back. Their relationship is less complicated and more fun. Even though rationally he knows his buddy is wrong he doesn't want to admit it and risk losing his buddy. He is marries to you, he likely knows you aren't going anywhere over this and is hoping he can convince you you were wrong to avoid awkwardness with his buddy. He's wrong and a complete coward foe taking this stance, but weak men act this way a lot with their wives because they feel she is the safer one to take a stance against

  5. I'm so glad they found him, but disappointed it took so long since they seemed to have had the idea of where he was for so long. I hope her family gets the justice they seek for her.

  6. You're young, I said it's time to move on. She cones with ALOT of baggage with her religious background and the fact that she strubg you along while being so promiscuous doesn't bode well for her decision making skills considering how she was brought up. It's going to be hard for you to have a solid foundation with someone so flaky and who makes such bold bad decisions.

  7. This who story is so bizarre. OOP dodged a huge bullet not having to deal with psycho MIL the rest of her life and it sounds like the ex was the ultimate mamas boy. But why even bother with a proposal if you've already talked so much and about your great big dream proposal. If you're expecting it and have these big expectations it seems destined to be a let down or at the very least not nearly as special because it's expected. At that point just go ring shopping together. I do the OOP sounded demanding that she wanted this special moment and special ring but wanted to dictate all the details. However none of that had anything to do with MIL and ex should have had the guts to voice this to OOP on his own, instead he took MILs asshole advice to use the proposal and ring to put OOP "in her place."

  8. I have a photo somewhere of us having a drag show in the 70's as part of the cub scouts annual get together. I wore a curly wig, a skirt, high heels and lipstick. Drag shows used to be extremely common fun and funny in a supposedly more conservative time. It wasn't even a sexual thing, you just had fun dressing up as the opposite sex.

  9. I have a feeling if now days you dressed in drag as joke you would be called out for being anti-lgbtq for making fun of them.........

  10. Call the police and have him arrested for abuse. Then while he is in custody get your affairs in order and an exit strategy. I also suggest going to the hospital and getting checked out and blood work to find out why you are so tired, there could be something else at play here like him drugging you or you have a medical condition that needs attention

  11. Grant him the divorce. He deserves better than you will ever give him. Not only have you refused to address your own trauma while expecting him to be patient and accepting of it, you have harbored resentment towards him for absolutely no reason. The "last straw" was on my mind the point of no return. How absolutely heartless of you.

  12. People are weird! I've had several neighbors try to dump their kids on me and expect me to happily provide childcare for them. I even had one neighbor refer to me (to my face) as unemployed!! I don't understand the mentality of EXPECTING an acquaintance to provide child and pet care services but it's always a red flag for people I definitely don't want to associate with.

  13. Casey Anthony can kiss my freckled ass and so can any network who gives her a dime or the time of day to tell "her story"

  14. From arena of life, this is not surprising

  15. I don't care if he's dead. Name the scumbag and let his name be mud for eternity.

  16. I'm curious if he was ever arrested foe anything else? 1984 was 38 years ago, he kidnaps and rapes 4 women and then just stops?? Very unlikely.

  17. Jesus this is terrifying. I have 2 small boys and think about the fact that I’ll eventually have to let them use the mens restroom frequently. My 5 y/o has started asking if he can go into the men’s bathroom. Hell no.

  18. You don't have to. I have 2 boys who are now 11 and 12. I took them into the women's room with me for years until they said they were too old and uncomfortable. Now if we are in a public place that I feel could potentially be unsafe I go stand in the men's room. I give zero shots what anyone thinks and have never been asked to leave or even questioned as to why I'm there. I have gotten funny looks until they see I'm with my kids and they shrug it off. I am 5'3 and 120lbs and very unintimidating if that matters

  19. https://www.fox2detroit.com/news/man-accused-of-kidnapping-assaulting-ex-girlfriend-while-holding-her-at-wayne-motel-for-almost-7-weeks

  20. Wow! So he kidnaps her and keeps her prisoner for 6 weeks while torturing her and all he has to do is post $30,000 bond to finish the job.

  21. Can someone explain this to me like I’m 5? Because what it looks like is that the dudes are trying to say that the way people have been speaking in the courtroom has been inappropriate and that someone brought the mans children into conversation. So she says, “well, I didn’t hear anyone bring that up, so it’s fine, move on,” and he says, “no, it’s not fine. How would you feel if they brought up your children?” And then she’s like, “HOW DARE YOU THAT IS SO INAPPROPRIATE.”

  22. I think because she is the judge, just the mere mention of her having children is much more inappropriate because judges already have such a target on them. That is how I understand it

  23. This story is horrifying. Absolutely one of the worst things I have read. That poor prescous baby

  24. The line is very blury between mentally ill and evil. Honestly people lean too much on mentally ill to explain away how a person could so such terrible things. Some people are just evil

  25. Grace isn't meant for those who purposely endanger children

  26. Who killed her then? I was convinced he was guilty.

  27. He absolutely is. However the state doesn't want to spend more money on another trial that will be under a microscope in the public eye. As far as they're concerned he has served his time.

  28. Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. My boys are 11 and 12 now and I would live to have just one more day cuddled up on the couch watching those shows.

  29. If he wants to impress her he should admit that and ask her questions showing her he is interested in learning and getting into the sport and Broncos.

  30. 🤣 this seems like such an Amarillo thing

  31. They might have shared an account. Or whomever it was wanted her to use veo to pay them, so she sent the money to her daughter to make it look like she was doing it?

  32. This makes sense. This also explains why she sent a weird venmo message. She was probably terrified and on that moment could put together a coherent thought of what to write. So she sent what she did to her daughter. "They" probably kept telling her they would let her go after they got their money.

  33. I love the quest salted caramel shakes.

  34. My radar says dear old dad was guilty as sin. As a parent - if my child was missing, my first priority is being there for when they’re found. Four days in is still part of the initial chaos and dread. No one checks out of that unless they were the one who caused it.

  35. On the other hand if he was severely depressed and she disappeared after some very harsh words (teens can be incredibly cruel) perhaps he let his suicidal thoughts get the best of him, believing she hated him and she was better off without him. Rational parental priorities are often times lost in the presence of deep depression.

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