1. By what metric do they measure them as being runaway successes?

  2. Galadriel starts the hunt for Celeborn. She finds him halfway through the season at the beach in southern gondorn, where he was wandering along the past few hundred years painting seagulls.

  3. I would vote for everything (for the reason you gave) except Gandalf. He wears some fine rags.

  4. I actually think Wheel of Time was ok. I only read some of the books and generally not super knowledgeable about the lore.

  5. I'm pretty sure that was him saying she shouldn't personally go to middle earth as only darkness awaits her (probably something he saw through the palantir), while his position about supporting the elves stays the same.

  6. Maybe. I found it a bit confusing that Miriel didn´t respond to Galadriel or that they did show us the scene between her and her farther (which was foreshadowing, but not necessary).

  7. Oh ok I thought you were confused about why or if Tar-Palantir was changing his mind or something.

  8. I thought she always was on the fence of going to middle earth. In this scene, Halbrand was reluctant to be the king of the southlands, which seemed to sway Miriel towards not going to the southlands. So Galadriel brought the counter argument to Miriel "Your farther wants it" (which as far as I understand it in the scene before wasn´t true). Halbrand was later somewhat convinced by Galadriel to become the king of the southlands, but at that time miriel was already gone. So this scene and the teasing of the meeting next morning (which we didn´t see) was a bit confusing and could have be handled better by the writers imo (there are different ways to improve this).

  9. It´s one thing if a character in the show deceives other characters in the show and as a result also the audience. It´s a different thing to break the forth wall and directly deceive the audience. No character in the show would see any significance in the Strangers words, it´s only for the audience.

  10. Where did I mention race, in the first place? I said "There's nothing bad in wanting to see people like you on-screen." And I never mentioned race. You implied the race here. Which makes you...hmm, lemme guess... 🤔

  11. I mean, I think it was blatant racism, but I give you the point if you think it was a clever racist dog whistle you used. Didn´t work for me. You did used racist in the next sentence after the one you quoted. Thats why I personally wouldn´t call it a racist dog whistle and just racism.

  12. Oh, dude(tte), I just won't object. You are so obviously projecting that you speak for yourself volumes.

  13. You don´t have to object. I just wanted to comment on something that annoys me (hypocrisy). I just answered to you, because I am nice guy (so dude is fine).

  14. One corrupts, because all the power resides in one group/person with no one with the power to stop them.

  15. Yeah, but that means that the Elves have constant political infighting (even before the rings). They don´t show this and thats a strange concept for Elves.

  16. I assume the amount of teleportation devices is limited. Its a long way from Lindon to Khazad Dum.

  17. Yes, the last episode was incredible. They build the show up to this episode and delivered a masterpiece. Even if the show drops 1-2 levels after this episode, it would still be worth watching. the rest of the season is still a bit worse than early game of thrones seasons, due to the fact that game of thrones had the benefit to introduce us to many more interesting cultures.

  18. Agreed. Has HoD run out of book material? Haven’t read it and I refuse to buy any more GRRM books til he finishes aSoIaF.

  19. 99% loyal ?! God you delusional. To me what writers have as source materials matters.

  20. I dont know... I think the story ignored to much lore and it seems skipped some interesting plots from the lore.

  21. Have you ever watched vets meet other vets that they had fought against. Many do change quite drastically when coming face to face with the realities even after decades of stewing. Of course many don't but the ones who seem introspective often do, many also don't require those face to face meeting as well of course.

  22. Either we are in disagreement or you missed my point. I never personally was in a discussion with vets that fought on different sides. Would been quite interesting, but difficult to join. I watched such discussions on TV.

  23. Perhaps I am/did. I took your intial comment to imply that those who were in ww2 had a lifetime of experience to color their perspective so how could a 3 minute talk alter their perception. My comment about vets meeting other vets was solely that vets with those lifetime experience and perspectives can change very quickly when face to face with a harsh truth or another's experience.

  24. This show is already great from the first episode. There is no “holding out hope” because it started great and kept getting better.

  25. Oh, you think they will go the "A Serbian Film" route? Thats a bold move for sure.

  26. Did the wheel of times series had fantasy competition when it was released? I thought the show was ok, but I am aware thats a minority position and it has a terrible reception.

  27. I never had high hopes, due to the timeline compression. I did thought that the first season would be ok, as the effects of the timeline compression (forging of the rings, war of elves vs. sauron, capture of sauron by numenor, corruption and fall of numenor, battle of last alliance) wouldn´t be that awkward in the first season. But I didn´t thought that the writing will be that terrible.

  28. Oof, by worldwide metrics it’s even worse. 1/3 to 1/4 the interest. Wonder why.

  29. Careful with your assumptions. Here in Germany Rings of Power is translated to Ringe der Macht, while House of the Dragon is not translated.

  30. Why not read the books and you can decide for yourself which changes made sense and which not.

  31. First, despite what some people constantly repeat (based on Miriel, Elendil and Pharazon being alive), most indications - the Southlanders complaining about Elves watching them for a thousand years, Gal and crew talking about hunting Sauron for centuries, and all non-Numenor plotline still being on early second age events - the creation of Mordor, the Rings don't exist yet, Eregion still exists - all point to the show being set in about SA 1000.

  32. But humans do, and in a visual medium it's a convenient shorthand to make your supposedly elder, more experienced, more wise characters look older.

  33. Everything is based on distances on the official map, but, as I haven’t said in the post, the depiction of middle earth is not 1:1 with the map, not in the series not in the movies. If I have to base my calculations on the size of everything depicted the distance between mount doom and tirharad is at most 50km which is 1/3 of the actual distance (that is 145km) so, I would guess that all my distances have be divided by 3. The same calculation can be applied to movies as well, look at the time spent from edoras to helm’s deep, or the time spent from dunharrow to pelargir, everything is divided down by 5 or so

  34. First, its really nice that you put the work into it with measuring the distances.

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