1. Watched every dynamite, rampage & PPV since inception. Including the press conferences when AEW was first announced.

  2. Nothing irks me more than swiping and then realising there’s nothing to swipe to. You got me OP, you sneaky little cheesecake you

  3. Absolutely, regrettably as a youngster playing it I never finished it lol for some reason I just could not figure out the devils snare puzzle lol but I’m gonna go through the first 3 HP games on my steam deck soon can’t wait!

  4. I’m just hoping it’s a proper dynamite taping as opposed to a house show either way the second presale opens me and my brothers are refreshing that page over and over and over

  5. For me it’s this entitlement, this instant belief and gift that she’s the big dog.

  6. Mox front and centre, Hangman where Mox is. How they have the cheek to not have Hangman on the cover is beyond me.

  7. So many brilliant matches but for me it’s Kenny/Hangman vs Bucks at revolution

  8. School wise my birthday always fell on half term, work wise I always booked it off if I wasn’t anyway… this year though on my 30th I worked my first one and it was personally rather odd

  9. For the life of me I can’t find any steam games in the C: drive gonna have a look in the Z: drive I guess. It makes no sense to me.

  10. Old work colleague of mine was arrested on suspicion of multiple rapes in a local park. They said he fitted the description, they forced themselves into his house, arrested him scared his elderly mother half to death, made enough commotion that the whole street came out to see and went through all of his belongings.

  11. Wondered the same when I was in Poland. Rabbi tried to stop me, went anyway… discovered why straight after when the police pulled me aside and fined me

  12. Hey dude I did the same, just move them over to the genesis folder instead of mega drive, worked for me

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