1. As long as your on bedrock, sure. 15428141711385910. It spawns you in a jungle but if you go to -280 763 you can find a pretty good place to make a base. It's not directly in a Fores, but there is one around 100 blocks away. Also, there is a plains village at 248 248 and a desert village at 880 -360

  2. So, I have this whole theory that honestly would be perfect for multiplayer. I think beyond the castle lays a small city and some small buildings, along with some farms nearby, along with the fact that the unpsc is literally throwing people out there to die. here's what I think. The unpsc knows that they've got to get rid of the old population, as they are they only ones, besides themselves, that have seen inside the radius. They spin lies about how if you come out of the radius you die, but in truth lots have made it out and survived. They want to not only kill off the witnesses, but study and map out the radius so thoroughly that when they do send in the soldiers, they'll know exactly what to do to survive. So I think it would be awesome in a multiplayer free dlc, you and a friend, explorer 130+131, explore the radius, finding traces of the explorers before you. You find tapes of people who stumbled into the radius, and died for their mistakes. And here's where the unpsc lies are cracked open. You and your friend go around the radius, collecting clues of what the unpsc really wants and find a old unpsc base in the middle of the city, documenting that 20 have made it out of the Radius alive. You and your friend then look for a way out, going through areas similar to pervomy's difficulty move and more as you go away from the center and find an exit.

  3. Hold the trigger while holding the cigarette pack. Grab the cigarette and put the cigarette in your mouth and light it with the lighter

  4. No problem. I'm on phone so I can't properly paragraph, so your going to have to work with me here. First up PC... Alright, most mods (practically all mods) have a parent folder. This folder stores the content folder. (that's what I'll be calling it so you don't get confused.) This content folder stores everything the mod needs, and you will rarely see anything in the parent folder besides the content folder. What you want to do for PC is unzip the folder. (It may not be necessary, but I recommend 7.zip for this as it is extremely easy and trustworthy. If you can unzip the folder already, do that.) Then, open up your parent folder, move the content folder into the bonelab mods file, and boom! Ready to play! Next is OCULUS... i recommend one simple thing which is honestly easier than PC. Download "Mobile VR station" off of app lab. (This is a very trustworthy program, and it only does what you want it too. Trust me I was sceptical at first but after around a month of using it, I don't even use my PC) search up mod.io on your browser, get the mod you want, and open mobile vr station. Go to local files, then downloads. Find the mod you downloaded, click the icon on the far left side of its name. You should see an option that says "install mod". Select bonelab mods and boom! Downloaded and ready to mess around with. Have fun!

  5. Thanks to Pac-Man, I can go about mindlessly through work and life.

  6. The first 3 God of War, thaught me how to live in and walk through hell with a smile on my face to reach my goals and become the person i want to be

  7. None of the shit.. if you advertise on YouTube i am less likely to buy your shit...

  8. And stick your crappy wallet in there too. You ever think how small and useless it would be? You money is falling out 100 percent and you will be so easy to pick pocket

  9. Saw this guy in the corner of my bedroom about a week after my dad passed, he also wore a cowboy hat so I thought it was him maybe going to hell or something. Scared the crap out of me, I’d go insane if I saw dude all the time.

  10. With how many people say they have had encounters with that hat man, I'm starting to believe theres some kind of hat man ghost world, some good and bad

  11. For casual play, original Ford avatar for sure. No wrist bending, works perfectly. But for messing around, rexmec's helicopter for sure

  12. In around 2/3 the way of the river is a trigger which is set to sink whatever boats come across it. It's supposed to sink the boat your driving if you go across it, but it sinks all boats.

  13. Just a couple more years and I'll get my dream job (a test subject)

  14. Wtf I made that comment 8 months ago, how did you even find this

  15. It would be so cool to explore. I love abandoned places and the main reason I'm on this sub is because I love sunken ships and stuff like that

  16. Tooth brushes youtube has videos on how to float objects watch a couple it's really simple it's hard to explain though

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