1. bulletproof vest. He is immune to bullets

  2. He was shot in the head. A bulletproof vest would only protect his torso from bullets as vests do not go over your head

  3. I think the only thing that got over someone’s head is the joke, it went over your head

  4. I’ve legitimately had multiple people I know start playing the games, forget Phoenix’s name and legitimately think his first name was “Ace”

  5. Investigations 1+2 are really best played before Dual Destinies, since DD spoils part of the ending in Investigations 2, but it doesn’t really matter at this point of playing whether or not you play investigations or soj next

  6. The scene of Hank throwing Tucos grill into the pond is one of Hank’s best characterization scenes

  7. I hate to say it, but Hank should’ve figured it out in like season 1. You’re telling me that you know Jesse is involved in making blue meth, and just around the same time, your chemistry genius brother-in-law tells you he’s been “buying weed” from him? And this new meth just so happens to be the most chemically pure you’ve ever seen? Hank is an amazing detective, but he’s also the worst detective of all time.

  8. Personally I think it’s less of a “Hank is stupid” and more of showing that Hank’s mind won’t even let him consider Walt as a suspect due to the very black and white perception of crime that season one Hank had. In Hanks mind, Walt was a good man and a good man could never be a criminal

  9. Not putting Fly in S tier is a crime

  10. The beginning and especially the end were really strong but the middle dragged on for too long imo

  11. Hey Scott, all here! Just wanted to say that the Data Design video was incredible! Here’s two questions I have:

  12. true but the zx spectrum was a british computer, the zx spectrum was actually released in the us under a different name by timex

  13. So should translations just not exist then? Because by your logic all words should be said how they were originated. Why even speak English if English wasn’t the first language, and if English-speaking people didn’t invent communication?

  14. Yes, a different dialect which is why he pronounces the letter “z” differently. Should people with accents also be ostracized for pronouncing words differently?

  15. This is so confusing. Edgeworth was taken in by von Karma when he was nine years old. Franziska was 2 years old at the time, being 7 years younger than Edgeworth

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