1. Check your local game stores they might have them in stock. They are being sold for 10$ a pair at mine. Is it worth it? Prolly not but up to you. I'm still arguing with myself if I should.

  2. The call jho a pickle in the secrets of the guild movie too

  3. Tidus69 on YT has a good breakdown on his channel on how Stamina reduction works in Rise and how it has changed from Worldborne.

  4. I was wondering the same thing. I have just switched to using dual blades and run out of stamina consistently. Outside of dash juice, what items and skills should I be looking at?

  5. Is Rise not as grindy as World, then? Or maybe the base game shorter? I remember taking a long time with the base World game. Capcom kept adding new monsters to grind constantly as well.

  6. Bruh every MH is grindy as hell. The version of the game you get on consoles already has every base game update and additional base game monsters if that's what you are worried about.

  7. I'm mostly worried about the endgame. See, in World I grinded my ass off for decos for months to get ready for IB.

  8. Well you are going to grind your ass off for talismans this time around but from my experience farming decorations is much more frustrating than farming for talismans.

  9. I was gonna say the giant mosswine but I remembered that was from MHW. Bring back the giant mosswine, Capcom

  10. God take me back. I used to hate it too back in Freedom Unite. Now it helped me a lot with my longsword practice.

  11. Pay attention to elemental resistances and the monster you’re fighting. High armor means nothing if you have -25 fire when they blast you.

  12. Its part of the learning curve. Just keep practicing but don't force yourself to enjoy the game if you really are having a difficult time hunting monsters. This series is an acquired taste

  13. On top of everyone else's input, the best armor sets are the ones catered to your specific preferences and skill level.

  14. For Hammer in base game, best ones are Nargacuga(Attk ramp-up), and once you are able to craft it the final version the Rampage hammer too(for Attk 4, Non-Elemental Boost, and Affinity Surge for your ramp-ups; Attk4 can be swapped to Sharpness Type1 if you want white sharpness, need 2 points of handicraft for it though).

  15. Dash breaker has hyperarmor if you want to run through attacks. Stylish, but risky!

  16. Woah! What is that move!?! That's wild! I pretty much only know how to do the triple RT combo and the mash B combo when they're down.

  17. Switch skills or Silkbind attacks or Wirebug moves whatever you want to call them. The special moves that deplete the cute bug icons at the bottom of the screen

  18. Nothing. Just get into it. I'm assuming you are familiar with the standard MH mechanics given you played World so you'd likely have no trouble finding your way around MHR.

  19. Most online hunts are free for all slugfests anyway so just keep attacking where you want as long as you do decent damage. If you keep getting kicked from hunts then nothing is stopping you from making your own lobby.

  20. Consoles allow custom controller configurations now if it really bothers you. Gonna have to find a button to map wirebug skills to though

  21. welcome to SB, come and meet the cart gang..

  22. I really really would like it if they brought back Mega Nutrients. Is it really something the fan base doesn't like that Capcom decided to replace it with a more tedious mechanic??

  23. i think they just wanted us to enjoy the scenery haha

  24. Nah man World and Iceborne didn't have anything like spiribirds and I spent more time wandering around there than hunting. If they wanted this from us they would've made MHR's map a bit more detailed. The Switch can run some heavy games so I know it can take it.

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