1. No. You absolutely do not have to respect other people's opinions. Most people are idiots.

  2. Yep. There's a big difference between respecting someone's right to have an opinion (however ridiculous it may be), and respecting the actual opinion itself. No one actually needs to respect someone else's opinion. Especially if it's stupid, dangerous, uninformed, and/or spawned from willful ignorance.

  3. More accurate than that, there is no solid evidence that Jesus ever existed. But absence of evidence does not equal evidence of absence.

  4. My comment to which you responded is not a theory. It's a basic principle of science. We should always be open to changing our minds should new evidence present itself that challenges our beliefs. That's why I'm an agnostic atheist.

  5. Needs some bunny ears. It is the year of the rabbit after all.

  6. Interesting. I never knew there was a difference before.

  7. Whoa whoa whoa... that's unfair on all us Irish!

  8. I have a friend from Dublin who is so pale, he can disappear in front of a white projector screen.

  9. Sort of… it is a fact that homosexuality exists in nature and ergo logical that we accept that fact. The logic only applies to how we interpret the data, data is binary and not subjective to logic in and of itself.

  10. Well, whatever terminology is used, truth, facts, nature, and logic are not compatible with many religious beliefs.

  11. Agreed, tho I’d say they are not compatible with any normative religion. They all defy your list in some manner.

  12. I had a purse once with a similarly crappily designed pocket.

  13. Slice them up and freeze them for smoothies. Banana bread, banana pudding, banana crème pie. You can replace eggs with banana in cookie/cake recipes.

  14. Don't forget about chocolate covered bananas! You can also roll them in crushed grahm crackers after dipping.

  15. Not true. Wash in cold water. It'll be fine

  16. Also, use a dye-catching sheet to absorb any loose dyes. I use them when washing freshly tie-dyed shirts, and they work great.

  17. Alexander the Great had a favourite dog named Peritas. He named a city after the dog and built a statue/monument in his honour. He also did the same for his horse, Bucephalus.

  18. I nearly keeled over laughing when I read your choice of a fake name for the woman. With a name like Eris, Greek goddess of discord, I was expecting the reason for the DNR to be much worse.

  19. Yeah, don't blame you. I'm weird bout shit like this too. Especially a door getting stuck, no thanks.

  20. A problematic door in any situation sounds like a fire code safety hazard.

  21. Biggest pet peeve as a sever? Probably when the sword is too dull to make a clean cut.

  22. Might be a bot account. Posted to 3 other dog subs, but doesn't fit in any of them either.

  23. Yea I thought about that, and my fam said the same. BUT in my mind you’ve gotta be pretty fucking twisted to be that evil to a random neighbor in an appt complex located in the dangerous party of a big city. In which case, I’d rather not be part of this world 🤷‍♂️

  24. So I watch way too many true crime shows, and stuff like this has happened before. A couple found a 6 pack of unopened sodas that someone had left on their porch. They thought it was a housewarming gift. Turns out that they both fell ill because the neighbor who had left the sodas had poisoned them. I think it was with a solution of rat poison applied to the base of the seal, so it got through to the threads of the bottle neck underneath.

  25. All just because the family who drank the poison annoyed the neighbor too. Pyscho af.

  26. Yup. I didn't recall the neighbor's exact reasoning, so I searched up the case. Some of the details are different than I remember, so what I found might not be the same case. But it still serves to show how psycho people can be.

  27. It is also possible to have only one X and no Y chromosome. It's called Monosomy X, also known as 45, X or Turner Syndrome. Obviously it only affects females.

  28. I don’t think I’ve seen biscoff ice cream. Sounds delicious though

  29. My local stores have the tubs of ice cream, but I believe they also make ice cream bars.

  30. So which logical fallacy would this be? Appeal to authority fallacy? Appeal to faith fallacy? Appeal to common belief fallacy? A mixture of all 3? Or something else entirely?

  31. If you view it as a 2D representation of a 3D figure, looking at it from the "top" (the largest flat surface) makes it look like it says "lol".

  32. I know Muslim women can’t pray while menstruating and can’t even touch the Quran. And after she’s done she must perform a specific cleansing ritual to be able to pray and have sex again. Oh yeah, she can’t have intercourse either. And in Islam a man must take a woman’s word when she says she’s bleeding and must not try to have sex with her.

  33. Ah, the Titanic. Built by the Irish. Sunk by the English.

  34. I found the error hilarious. "A little too much English" is a term I hear pool players use all the time.

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