1. He's basically knocking me for not finding good covid news during our highest wave ever and people upvote the shit out of his cowardly attempt to take a shot at me. It's hysterical how far inside of these people's heads I am.

  2. Thank you. The entirety of this subreddit must be swelled with regret about the 3700 people that died today. Super mild.

  3. Love it, hearing some beastie boys influence? And a few other things that I can't put my finger on, very fun and mellow!

  4. De La Soul? A tribe called quest? And thanks- We are inspired by what we used to listen to when we were younger. Now, I've been having trouble writing because I am trying to be a little more palatable.

  5. Thanks. I think I am just in am artistic slump. There are only so many Marx references I can make; I feel like I am saying the same thing over and over again.

  6. Personally I think politics should be out of the equation altogether and we should have a City Manager...someone who has an education in City Planning and extensive experience running and managing operations in related fields.

  7. I would not argue against that. But how would we be sure that they are not biased?

  8. Yeah, and the people supporting this are the same people who complain and scream "not with MY tax dollars." These people don't have the ability to understand that tax dollars aren't theirs.

  9. I drive 30 minutes round trip for it..may need some soon!

  10. I used to go there ages ago when I lived up there. My wife would make me get off the bus every few and grab her a meatball sandwich when she was pregnant with my oldest. This was about 13 years ago now. I haven’t been there since they changed ownership, but it’s one of my top five favorite pizzas

  11. These are for citizens. It’s a government program set up by that commie Joe Budden.

  12. Should fix the Tier 6 retirement plan too. Make it actually worth it to have a town/county/state job.

  13. Yeah, it’s such a sham. My wife was looking at it yesterday. Doesn’t make much sense to serve the public anymore

  14. I started late at 28, and will still have to work til I’m 63 to get my full ride. Which, most people will. But that used to be the perk of it, getting to retire early.

  15. We started even later than that. Had I been properly educated in the first place, I would have made better decisions.

  16. Being a Brady fan I hate to say it but does anyone else think he loses on Saturday with the Bucs? He’s been losing lately to the Rams.

  17. I think there’s a shot. Cards looked awful, but Stafford has so many weapons.

  18. It was a risk free promo, that’s the only reason I put that much on it.

  19. Yo OP- sweet video. I’m going to use it to show my sunny state students a snowstorm. Thanks for posting

  20. I honestly think the wind is being blown out of proportion

  21. I do as well. Gronk and Brady do not care about how fast the wind is blowing inside the ten.

  22. Your reputation precedes you lol...all those tendies

  23. Terminator-type movies that show the rise of sentient AI and the eventual robot uprising always skip over the part where we have to endure decades of ever more subtly insulting algorithms

  24. Waking up and taking all of this into context has led me to believe that we’ve lost the robot war already. Press f.

  25. Yo Buffalo bro here, bro. Thanks for the support. It’s going to be cold af here if they lose Saturday. But if they play like they can play, I think there’s a good chance at a super bowl and a heart break.

  26. Press f. I have a couple of bushes out front. I think they live under there. There’s some squirrel tracks coming from the trees. But then these tracks mixed in. It seems like it might be a few at this point which is what I was afraid of. Haven’t seen any tracks for a few weeks until now. What threw me off is lack of a tail.

  27. I can’t comment for certain, but as an amateur rat tracker who likes when it snows for coverage, looks like it to me.

  28. These kids are going to be so far behind once this thing is all over

  29. My locality is handing out n95s with wire nose-pieces to each resident along with rapid tests.

  30. Cases gave dropped a little for the last 2 day

  31. Week over week? Do the same rules still apply i.e. cases catch up by Tuesday?

  32. He goes on to say because our cases have been lower today than every previous Friday since 12/13/21 and low growth compared to past mondays. Only 3 percent.

  33. Looking forward to progress updates on your swoleness and subsequent hater-crushing fammo

  34. Questioned the vaccines under Trump, questioned under Biden. I don’t take anybodies word without trying to understand things. I still got the vaccine, I’m not crazy, just ask questions like everyone should.

  35. Anybody’s*** sorry, woke up earlier than normal this morning for work and running low on coffee. Just got a fresh mug.

  36. Their everything bagel is disgusting, greasy, and heavily salted for some reason.

  37. It’s the first purpose most of these losers I Have ever had in their life, do you know why I got vaccinated? Because I didn’t wanna die of a disease not because I was some white knight gallivanting around the countryside saving America from itself

  38. It’s so funny. I read a comment like this and I know exactly what the post history looks like. Then I check to be sure. At least you surprised me. You’re much more disgusting than I could have expected.

  39. Not yet, my boyfriend is eligible for his but hasn't gotten it yet, I'm just got my second shot in September so I'm not able to, yet.

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