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  1. I love how this turned from a question of it being an issue to a challenge to make it an issue good job 👏

  2. If you read the terms and conditions it legit talks about purchasable virtual currencies… it’s a general terms and conditions for Take2Interactive.

  3. What is a good broker to use for someone who is just starting out their "serious" investing journey?

  4. I have two accounts with Bestinvest, one for ISA and one for uk investment outside isa’s. I use HL for US investments. There will always be pros and cons for selecting a investment platform, you need to think about how often you want to trade.

  5. I honestly think I might just go for vanguard just to get rid of the “individual stocks” option to keep myself focused on the Index funds 😅 and look into using a separate provider when I’m able to save more than the ISA limit a year

  6. I personally hold VHYL in my account, not that there is anything particular about it. Closely tracks the FTSE all world div index.

  7. Company has got a 140% payout ratio, isn’t this bad in terms of sustainability for the dividend?

  8. Cool. Thanks for the info! Do you also use any colonization mods?

  9. No not as of yet, I think I may include some of my own modifications to the space station expansion mod in order to allow semi sustainable colonies but at the moment it looks like kerbals will always need to be returned to base

  10. If you could I would personally ditch the FTSE100 for the S&P500 or a global tracker. FTSE100 has barely moved over the past 5 years… there may be more to the FTSE100 that I’m unaware of though.

  11. Did flipping the navball actually work ? 😂 you’ve got SAS on stability assist so I would have never said flipping the navball would have helped

  12. Yep, I realized that my control point was flipped upside down when I was throwing parts of my probe around, so I just flipped it back over and it launches like normal!

  13. It was exactly 40 minutes, for all three relay satellites. I used a low thrust limit to fine tune the time period. Also, thx for the clarification

  14. There is also an error when looking at numbers think of it: if your tool is accurate to 0.001 you will have an error of +-0.0005 etc and even small things like that can add up.

  15. It might have something to do with the signal direction, the trains can't pass a signal on the right side of the track, since the track splits there it may be assuming you were intending for outgoing trains to take the right route.

  16. Headlift isn't showing correctly when using a pump to handle multiple pipe branches. So if you put a pump behind a 3 way pipe branch, you should multiple the needed headlift by 3. Kinda weird but that's what I have obsereved.

  17. it was just one pipe, it splits into 2 later on but the split goes down.

  18. Could be an issue with 2 pipe sections occupying the same space and only one is connected to the pump maybe.

  19. Wew about 0.1% of your portfolio is loss I think that's the highest I've seen in a long time

  20. Hey, if you get more engineers out there you can do more with kerbal construction like place and pick up more pieces.

  21. just did a read on the wiki, didn't know each kerbal added an extra 60kg in part mass, partly why I prefered KIS and KAS is that each kerbal adds the ability to modify a bigger part etc.

  22. happy you managed to figure it out, what did you end up needing to do if you don't mind me asking ahah

  23. Not all parts allow fuel flow, there might be a chance that there isn't a viable path to follow

  24. I think it could be the inflatable airlock. This is the first time I've tried using that. I'll test it on the ground.

  25. They are evolving into one of those income sharing communities, wholesome, if they weren't insane.

  26. Looks like to me that your asking it to print the name of an object called "OS" but getting there by asking it to get the name.

  27. Because buying shares at 200 with $23,000 means I'll get more shares than exercising my 230 calls and buying those shares.

  28. Standard process in the UK is that assets are held in a named nominee account. This is almost always a sister company of the investment firm, or for US shares a named US nominee.

  29. Interactive brokers aren’t a custodian, they’re a broker, they don’t hold shares.

  30. Ok, I'm seeing the picture now, near pandora type of system to protect your assets in the event anything should happen to the broker, and not having that company named raises questions as to whether or not that nominee company exists and by virtue, your assets being protected.

  31. Thank you for your quick response and request for clarification. Funds and ETFs seem like they could be great options. Straight up, the range of options available is staggering and (I’ve found) far less easy to access as someone at a well-read beginner in equities investing level. It was easy to break down what my decision making parameters were with index funds. So what I would really love are recommendations of what are solid options to go for—perhaps the equivalent of “just buy Vanguard All-World…” but for someone wanting to add bonds to their portfolio. Noted: your suggestion of the Vanguard UK gilts fund!

  32. that being said personally I have about 1% in bonds simple because of my age, and possibly down to my own inexperience or having a portfolio., but I'm glad I was of little help to you. generally, if you search for "BOND ETFs" you should be able to find a wide list and you can add on "ISA READY" if you're investing in an ISA but most of them should already be ISA ready.

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