1. Ask ChatGPT to do basic math….it’s a natural language model. It’s a good starting point for research but I wouldn’t take it as verbatim

  2. Nice. We ended up there after 5 nights at Mandapa. 408k for that.

  3. Mandapa is the crown jewel of the Marriott portfolio in my honest opinion. Beating out St. Regis Maldives. Mandapa was just utterly stunning 🥲

  4. It 1000% is. I wish we stayed and didn't go to the St Regis. Bound to be disappointed on a back-to-back 😅

  5. Ya it’s tough! To me, it was the main lobby that blew me away but what made me laugh was the entrance. Down the hidden sketchy alley and boom, a 5000 star resort appears out of nowhere

  6. I disagree. People get an MBA for a more successful life down the road and people’s definition of success vary. Europe’s standard of living and quality of life trumps US any day of the week. Sure, you don’t make as much but you’d still be making way more than the average in the region. But imagine having 6-8 weeks of vacation a year? Imagine not having to respond to emails past 5pm? You wanna fly to Barcelona for the weekend for $20, go ahead. There’s pros and cons but for overall quality of life, Europe wins in every sector

  7. The European Latinos and white women are by far the biggest benefactor to these policies. Absolutely disgusting but don't hate the player, hate the game.

  8. I’m half Latino and half Italian. I look white as hell but my mother is from Uruguay and dad from Italy. I take play the Latino card any chance I get. Too bad I’ve never gotten anything out of it tho

  9. Yes pain. The temperature would have increased a lot. Probably to the point to cause blistering on her skin along with the difficulty in breathing due to low oxygen levels. Imagine her screaming and howling as her skin burnt and she suffocated, plus add to that the sound of the space shuttle launching and dogs have sensitive ears. she would also have been overstimulated and disoriented and confused. Horrific.

  10. Someone’s salty about not getting into post secondary

  11. How's the job market looking for this year's grads?

  12. Most got jobs. I’m more worried about my year tho 🥲

  13. Congrats to everyone accepted/waitlisted/dinged! I’m sure you’ll go on to do excellent things.

  14. It’s not a hard job, no higher education is a pre req. also the seller shouldn’t have to pay 5% of millions for a job that is largely automated now due to online listings services

  15. So because of all those things, they shouldn’t make good money if they’re good at it?

  16. Then why bother having a stress test or any sort of income qualification requirements? Just give people the option to buy whatever they want.

  17. Umm because the bank wants to avoid risk lol

  18. No but they’re right. We shot ourselves in the foot with everyone thinking they need single detached or they’ve failed as a family. Look at Europe, the UK and Asia. How often do you see single detached for the average family?

  19. You don’t travel enough for the platinum. Why get it in the first place? You shouldn’t have renewed after the first year

  20. It's hard not to think this isn't simply a set-up for a monumental collapse in the coming decade.

  21. Could you elaborate how the collapse would happen? Keep in mind, a collapse would mean a huge dump of supply on the market because people need to sell

  22. This is a red flag, we should be more stringent in our efforts to protect our border.

  23. You asked if I was surprised if they got in lol. Do you know why we’re bringing in so many immigrants?

  24. Simple. GDP. I can expand if you need to understand better.

  25. Im perfectly aware of why we’re bringing in a ton of immigrants, just wanted to make sure you understood as well

  26. Nothing will come of it. Safely ignore and move on

  27. Does anyone have an actual rational reason for being a tourist in the middle east these days? Not being sarcastic, I'm actually trying to understand why anybody from outside the region would go there given how volatile the whole area is.

  28. The Middle East is huge lol. UAE, Oman, Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon and Israel are perfectly safe to visit my guy. I was all over the Middle East last year and enjoyed it a lot and it’s quite safe in my opinion. People respect the law to a higher degree and people are very hospitable

  29. If you are a woman, only Israel and Lebanon can be considered "safe" out of this list, and Lebanon is there only if you go with a tour guide, Israel is the only one who is truly safe for minorities to visit

  30. This is so inaccurate it’s insane lol. If you’re a woman, you can go to any of those countries….you should actually visit these countries some time

  31. At least they apologise right of the bat. Man-sorry.

  32. Your partner is currently with you, focus on that amazing fact, His ex is his ex for a reason. There is nothing to change from your side.

  33. I was actually just considering this, maybe we just do three nights down in Petra and Wadi Rum. Where did you stay when you were visiting?

  34. My itinerary was 2 nights petra, 1 night Dead Sea and 2 nights wadi rum. I would only do 1 day in WR due to there not being that much to do anyway. You do everything in like 3-4 hours then that’s it

  35. Kingston police is using Goodes hall parking lot as their main operation center so this makes sense.

  36. I don’t get why so many people from Ontario are wanting to come to Calgary. Places like Edmonton, Red Deer, Ft Mac, or Medicine Hat can be just as good depending on your lifestyle.

  37. Everything reverts to a mean. Yyz and yvr is compared to post tax income has to be one of the biggest bubbles in the developed world.

  38. There’s so many places around the world that’s are much more expensive than YYZ lol. Look at the prices to income levels in Tel Aviv, Singapore, Copenhagen, Zurich, etc. Singapore price per square foot is double that of Toronto lol

  39. Have you lived in sg? They use their tax base efficiently and optimize their human capital. In Canada neither of those things are done.

  40. I’m very well aware of Sg and the pros and cons of living there. I agree with everything you’ve said about Sg. But you’d have to be blind to know that Singapore’s real estate is not extremely expensive. You only get access to CPF when you get your PR and that might take a while. Without CPF, you aren’t buying an apartment and you’ll be renting in expansive housing

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