1. More like taking the child from groomers

  2. Except they literally do not need any proof to take the kid, just the accusation. It could just be that the kid is aware that queer people exist, they don't need to be exposed to anything actually sexual for that to happen. Please think before you speak.

  3. I never said they should die I just don’t want to see it I don’t rub my weird niches in everybody’s faces

  4. Sometimes you see things you don't like, it's up to you to react accordingly.

  5. Exactly, but also the point still stands. Maybe you specifically don't feel the way I was talking about, but there are plenty of edgy teens who think it's cool to think like that unironically

  6. Literally none of this is a meme except for the fact it's 4 screenshots stacked on top of eachother

  7. Trans clothing is fine, but not when it's targets children

  8. What on earth counts as "trans clothes" because I've literally never heard of that

  9. My brother in christ they get the joke it's just not that funny

  10. well ching chong is chinese, so i don't see the racism there, china statistically eats the most dogs in the world, so i don't see racism there, it's not an insult to compliment someone and call them smart, so i don't see the insult there, there is no racism here.(also if your getting offended because someone is calling you good at math, your a pussy that can't take a compliment)

  11. look if you went up to me and said your big and strong because your white you'd never here me complain about it, so i don't know why you guys are.

  12. If they're attributing that ability to my race instead of the actual work put in for that ability, I'd be slightly annoyed, yeah.

  13. I play Shaman cause she’s a noob stomper, same with Berserker.

  14. What were u hoping with this post? You are clearly doing the same thing over and over ofc your appointment will see that and use it against you

  15. It was the fact that it hit first and then got parried on the last one? The gameplay prior to the moment the clip is supposed to show off kind of doesn't matter.

  16. It's not blatantly racist it's a stereotype, which most people find funny

  17. okay..? I know that, just stereotypes can be funny, not full on racist stuff

  18. Except this one is just full racist stuff in like three different ways. Even if it would be like, kinda funny with just one, it's just kind of excessive here.

  19. Except this sub is for memes that are actually funny that the OP didn't like. This is just someone making up their own argument

  20. Rips your finger off and says you have the sweetest scream, hilarious stuff really

  21. Note: when I said "clicky", I don't mean "toxic" clicks. she was just trying to get my attention to start a chase, since she only clicked when she was out of my view. I just like using the term "clicky" cause I think it is funny.

  22. PH is one of my favorite killers to play, satisfying power, one of the best chase themes, a hit cooldown animation that makes some sense, (not wiping off the blade or looking at it, he just has to pull that massive knife back to dragging behind him) best menu theme imo, just wish his add-ons were better

  23. Jokes on you, it won't be a punishment for the lack of extra stimulation, it'll be because I don't like the show

  24. No, but judging by the fact it barely has any interaction in an hour I think the tiktok people with .2 second attention spans aren't getting to and seeing the funny end of the clip. With the joke in the title and then having to wait 20 seconds to actually get the joke it loses any funny factor. If it was like a 5 second clip of him teleporting and downing it would be funnier

  25. I just don't get why they chose such a mundane thing lmao

  26. There's no point in really trying to see why, racism never makes much sense

  27. Titanfall players trying not to make everything about themselves challenge (impossible)

  28. More like Gideon Shitsmir, I actually did struggle with him, but not because I couldn't avoid the attacks, it was because messing up once was so punishing it would quickly snowball, plus that dumbass little exploding bubble he puts on himself

  29. Nah it's just kinda shitty. Even if it's like, OKBR humor or something it still can just be not funny.

  30. Thing is that biological sex and gender identity are different

  31. That's what I was asking, if you meant queer then I understand what you're saying. If you meant gay then I would have to disagree with you

  32. Queer is not a slur, since it doesn't even necessarily mean gay, it just means fitting somewhere into the LGBTQ+. Gay is not a slur because it's literally just the sexuality. The word I was talking about begins with F.

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