1. And 4th on dps behind the tank 😋 lol jk I was just thinking of ironies

  2. Great start, very nice linework. If I may, perhaps in designing her look, or any character's, consider the context of the world that character lives in and apply it to the costume design. For example, a post-Apocalyptic drifter would likely have numerous pouches, perhaps a backpack, along with patch-work armor and a waterskin, etc. All of that is also likely to be distressed and scarred from the environmental conditions it all exists in. I would also consider the character's personal history by adding a bit of flair, like a childhood toy, jewelry, etc, or tattooing amd scars. Again, great work, keep it up!

  3. Yah your right for sure. I’ll make sure to add a story to her if I get to flesh her out more. I do like her so probably will. Thanks for the suggestions and feedback!

  4. This looks soooo good. I have some commentary on the muscle forms, but only if you want it. Overall, I love this style. I saw a few of your other drawings and you’ve definitely got an eye for action shots. You should try charcoal if you like pencil, but don’t enjoy how pencil shading looks.

  5. Follow a face proportion guide. Don’t need a course jusy need more intentful studying 👍

  6. That’s super dope. Kinda looks like adult features but still his same kid sized body

  7. Thank you man. It does tho 😆 he’s meant to have adult proportions but perspective is hard

  8. Leg proportions are looking pretty wonky and the pose feels pretty stiff. Other than that (and the random unzipped pants? Lol) it’s looking pretty good

  9. I don’t get any of it tbh. This is what Jordan Peterson is talking about. Trans people have the right to have every single right everyone else does. But when the opinion becomes cult activity due to entitlement and low brain people it gets out of hand.

  10. Yes! Let’s do it! I’m going to bed you can send me some ocs if u want can get back to you in the morn with mine 👍

  11. I like how her hair in human form is shaped like a fish. Very creative shape

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