1. I saw someone hit GB into 12 frame, side unlock SHK, into liver knee. Or something stupid like that

  2. Should be fine. Shapes, form and proportions are the most important anyway. You can learn short hand anatomy after that

  3. Tbh I think it’s good you to draw your facial features the same way everytime. Many artist do it and how ppl recognize it’s their work

  4. If he didn’t kill me or break my bones or verbally abuse me……nvm he will do all those things

  5. Samurai Champloo, Kill la Kill, Megalobox, Great Pretender, hunter hunter, Evangelion and Naruto p1 is honestly amazing if you never jumped into Naruto ever. First two episodes already will have you hooked it’s so funny

  6. People on IG said I was crazy that dogs, cats and humans have similar anatomy. I knew I was right but this is just more proof

  7. I think if Sakura developed a love for Naruto after all these years. It would be one of the best character developments for her. Then after that it would be cool to have her improvement as a ninja be in the spotlight.

  8. Oh you’re lord henshin? You would dodge me everytime we matched up and pretend afk

  9. Seems like a good guy but never learns. Looks like he always been dripping the left to throw that right hook, Dom was not good enough to punish it

  10. Draw in the morning when you have the most energy and do it everyday at the same time no questions asked. You got it

  11. I love your shapes! Those are some really great shapes!

  12. Your line, form, and shape is amazing. It look way better than mine. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  13. Knowing surface muscles is essential for the figure drawing. Knowing the deep muscles is helpful when inventing highly detailed characters with visible anatomy.

  14. Ok more power to that but if you’re going to do this you should learn the names, origins and insertions, functions. Otherwise this is just clutter knowledge of random shapes that will be overcomplicate in inventing shapes from memory. Big shape to small keep it simple. Just a critique from me you can do what u wish

  15. If all cats do this, I shall get a cat. Can anyone confirm if all cats like this or do I have a chance of getting a demon cat

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