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  1. Every time I see the fairy icon I think it's a bug type because it looks like a butterfly or moth. Also I ALWAYS think the dark type is psychic because psychic powers are always associated with the third eye and all that jazz in like all media.

  2. It doesn’t help that the psychic terra crown is an eye.

  3. Have you played the game? Sounds like something I'd hear from someone who has only watched it.

  4. The game plays differently on my docking system vs handheld for sure

  5. My favorite combo is when I put in the command to attack, then the enemy pokemon attacks, then they do the shield, then they steal tera orbs, then the prompt comes up to attack him AGAIN, then they attack once more, then your attack goes through. It's a blast just sitting for 20+ seconds waiting for your turn that should've already went through.

  6. Okay I thought maybe it was just me. But there have been raids where I only got to attack 4 times Becuase the rest was all filled with text and animations, all while the timer is still running.

  7. So I actually did some work with them. They never screwed me over. They were super professional. I never used my personal accounts for anything. I set up a checking account online with my bank, which took about 3 minutes, made a separate gmail and a coinbase account. They’ll send you funds through coinbase to deposit to online casinos. Usually when you are a first time customer to these online casino’s, they’ll have a sign up promotion where they match your first deposit, and then your portal has instructions for each casino with how much the deosit should be, followed by a selection of either slots or roulette you can pick from and what your bet sizes should be.

  8. Even as someone who believes you should be able to carry your gun with you, there’s no need to have your rifle while walking down the street. Keep that shit in the case at home unless you’re at the range or if you’re being invaded.

  9. I’ve seen a bunch of videos of dudes standing in public with their rifle until the cops get called so they can record their interaction with the police and “prove how much more they know the law than the police” It’s nut job attention seeking

  10. No what lmao compared to other states like Oregon Michigan cali where carts can be as low as 10$ each an 10-12 for 100$ all depends where you from and the dispo im nj the prices in dispos are absurd

  11. Can confirm. We are getting robber in NJ. 75$ half gram carts, 60$ for 1/8th of flower.

  12. This might put your mental in a spin cycle, but at a high level, stiffer boots and bindings are better for jumps, soft boots and flex bindings are ‘better’ for rails. Does this matter? Eh… not really… but I prefer the stiffer stuff for responsiveness and it’s not like they negatively affect my board slides, but those dudes that are super nasty and steazy on rails are like 90% chance wearing some pretty soft boots or flexible bindings.

  13. Yeah I def want something more jib focused. I have a pair of slightly stiffer boots that I don’t really use. So I def want some jibby boots

  14. This & totally misrepresenting the actual job.

  15. So I actually recent have a story about this. After 7 months and hundreds of applications, I finally got a solid interview. It was to be a life insurance agent. I took the courses, took the test, passed and started my job. They swore it would be like me running my own business, no one would tell me what hours I had to work etc. Turns out none of it was true. They also had horrible morals when it came to advertising and lead generating. I left that company and went independent and it’s great. But the misrepresentation of what the job entails is a huge problem, and companies wonder why their turnover rate is so high.

  16. I drive over once in awhile to visit my dentist, I have no issues. I’ll stop for lunch somewhere afterwards. I don’t go too far in, about a mile and a half.

  17. Hey! Would you mind PM’ing me? I have questions about the dental in Juarez.

  18. Can't Believe people are this stupid and can't realize or do research before buying boof off the Black Market instead of going to the Dispo and getting Real Shit

  19. You realize not everyone has dispos available to them right?

  20. Lava is a nicotine brand out of New Jersey and some in Nyc. Not suprised they made a d8 line but that doesn’t vouch for their lab tests and results. i’m always satisfied w their nicotine products and i have one now lol

  21. Yeah I like their disposable nicotine vapes. I’m more inclined to trust them but I feel like I can never be too safe here.

  22. i feel you on that. me personally i don’t smoke d8 and most likely won’t ever due to the “regulations” we have in place rn. If i were you i would smoke regular bud or get dispensary shit.

  23. Appreciate it. The dispensaries in jersey are so ridiculously over priced, and I’ve been slammed with work and the smoke shop by me had these so I was curious since I was in a rush

  24. If you want to stay with burton the cartels, I prefer the ride c6, Rome vice. Mostly you want a medium flexing binding if those aren't available. Union is another really good brand but I've never ridden them myself.

  25. I sent a request NickKnack02 I'll probably have some decent raids later on today in like 8 hours or so

  26. Heard ab the great employee benefits. Are you referring to the daily work conditions/pay or other?

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