1. Do you plan on leaving your job in the next 5 years but stay with Epic? If so I'd say yes and word it in a way to say your certification brings the level of the team up. If no, then not really as long as your employer treats/pays you as certified

  2. They're big on getting the "gold stars" in Nova, and I think having more certified people gets them there.

  3. Pay for the class I imagine. That's epic's whole thing the "experience" I recently went and it was interesting but not worth the week I lost. I'm also an introvert and had no desire to network or tour the campus but so much

  4. Apply everywhere. Look for Associate level some places. My employer offers associate positions to non certified then after certification and some time you can upgrade to analyst. During associate time your requirements are pretty low with small project involvement, tickets, and overflow work. Great way to get experience and your foot in the epic world. Pay is decent too, I believe the range was 65-105 last year.

  5. I have been trying to make this move- any chance your company offers remote work?

  6. Our only opening is Grand Central (Reg/Sched) currently but yes our EHR department is entirely remote

  7. I can't speak for the sub but I notice a lot more hospital based communication here. That assumption is more misguided I'd say though. More efficient charting reduces user fatigue/errors. Less fatigue and error improve outcomes. I worked front line for about a decade and saw advances from paper charting to fully electronic. Anecdotally electronic charting has made being busy so much more tolerable. Easier order sets for docs reduce polypharmacy, appropriate BPAs help stop adverse outcomes, and access to clinical references from the charting system reduces frustration for patient education. Not every system works this way but ~85% of our improvement projects come from direct users in the hospital. Making their jobs easier helps them take better care of patients.

  8. Thanks for the feedback! Do you have any resources or hospitals/products you can point me to that are doing what you described? My company tells a narrative that incumbent hospitals & insurance are corrupt (which I don't entirely disagree with, but that judgement is based on perverse incentives, not IT), but I'd love to get a more fair POV on the matter. I spend a lot of time meeting with or researching vendors that are mission-aligned.

  9. Look towards non-profit orgs. We use Epic who has worked closely with us aligning with the objectives and mission of my org to make our providers lives easier even when it's not the most logical work for us as analysts.

  10. For me Epic has been best learned through good managers and teammates like you mentioned but also going through galaxy to follow along builds. For the most part there seems to be a lot of things you don't NEED to know. Knowledge of the basics and then use Galaxy/training resources from the UserWeb for the rest. I feel like a big ol fraud daily but my meetings with teammates and managers they all say I'm doing great so this method works for me. YMMV

  11. Right? I feel like a lot of success in the job is based on the simple ambition to try to figure it out.

  12. I like it most days, less interaction and more problem-solving on my part. But some of the more convoluted problems are frustrating for sure

  13. That'll be an arm, leg, soul of your first born, and a contractual agreement to spend the afterlife in eternal damnation.

  14. Call this Instagram copium but Niels liked the post. Maybe he's been given the word that he's staying next season as backup LB.

  15. I think he knows his stuff but he doesn’t seem like a very natural speaker/presenter and he struggles to keep up with analysis of clips because he can’t get the words out.

  16. Yeah with his Tourettes I think he focuses on controlling his ticks and that suppresses his responses. Love the guy but entertaining he is not. Might be better as commentary man to allow shorter quips and analysis versus a breakdown of matches

  17. Absolute banger and the commentary makes it a core memory for sure. Probably a little recency bias mixed with the importance of the goal at the time pushed this one over the top

  18. I would have to say looking at it purely from a “goal scored” vacuum, Townsend’s thundercunt strike against Burnley was best of the year.

  19. Yeah I agree, Townsend's was much more "dammmmmnnnnnn" while Myko's was a huge relief which I think the importance puts it over the top.

  20. I was born in Liverpool, but my family lived in Omaha in the 1990s and we had an 'EVERTON' plate - wonder if that's why you can't get it?

  21. That's awesome! I wish it was a better story. Unfortunately Nebraska puts character limitations on plates and most seem to be set at 5.

  22. Whatever the result of this game, he doesn’t deserve this, the kid has a bright future and we can’t let a player with such a good potential be destroyed by such a toxic bunch in our community. So those of you with an instagram account please help out in dealing with these bunch. Send messages of love.

  23. Also report the messages for bullying/harassment. Instagram will block the comments while they review it if it receives enough reports

  24. That's what kills me. US announcers talking about double Jeopardy the reason but that only means no direct red for a penalty, it does not stop a second yellow. Abysmal from "the best official in England"

  25. Oh I figured the RS would just set up camp there like last time. So much for Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle I guess

  26. Naw its tainted, besides we are on to bigger and better things. If they want our hand me downs they can have them. I'm only looking forward

  27. Yep, just left EMS after 13 years/8 as a medic. Took a 23k raise to work from home salary job. Look for tech jobs if you have any level of computer literacy. Best decision I've made for me, for my relationship with my wife, and for my mental health. Build skills, identify your strengths, and build a resume. I got my job working with a local level 1 on their Epic inpatient application. I was a safety officer at my base where I tracked safety issues/repairs/escalations along with reporting these findings to managers and directors. I highlighted this as a form of project management which my now manager referenced in my job offer. Most of us an EMS have skills that other professions call " soft skills" that you just have to identify and then show your possible future employer how it applies to their position.

  28. Thanks for the reply! Glad you got out and found something you like. Did you have to go back to school or do any additional formal training before switching?

  29. Nope, 100% employer sponsored. I did have to travel to Madison Wisconsin to go to Epic headquarters for training for my certification but my work paid for all of that and put me up in a pretty nice hotel as well as per diems for all the food. However, I had been working for about a month learning from my coworkers about a lot of the things so that when I went to class it was mainly a refresher and then when I took my test I passed first try with no real issue.

  30. Reece James has been a problem to defences all season, look at how he abused Alex Telles with Man U. Very proud of Myko for keeping him quiet. 💙💛

  31. Yeah I noticed a few times Richy and Demari would swap with Richy running in hard as James came onto the ball and that pressure caused a lot of mistakes or back passes. Excellent tactic from the coaching staff

  32. Did you need epic certification for that role?

  33. Do you also have to speak to clients on the phone regarding tickets? Or is it mainly receiving the issue, resolving it on your own and sending the resolve email on what went wrong/how to do something

  34. Probably 90% on our own/team and 10% client communication. Most issues go through a nursing/provider committee and then are delivered to us for build solutions. But occasionally it's a direct user issue and we can call or followup via email with screenshots to solve. Most recently had a new hire that accidentally closed a sidebar and didn't know how to reopen. 5 minutes of login troubleshooting and a 2 minute phone call figured out it was a collapsed sidebar from someone new to epic so she didn't know it was a thing.

  35. I just made this jump. From Flight Paramedic to Epic Analyst. As far as connection it's about how you think and deal with problems as well as how you document things. I'm a note taker/plan builder and my manager directly stated that was a big thing that made me stand out from other candidates. What kind of questions do you have?

  36. Thank you so much for your response. I guess I don’t even know what questions I really have because I don’t know what this job entails. I have no idea what to expect I’d even be doing. I am definitely of the note taker/plan builder mind as well, but I know this recruiter who reached out knows nothing about it me to know I’d be good in this role. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be, so I’m just not wanting to pass on an opportunity just because it was a cold call reach out to on her part. But I also don’t want to give up a job I have for one I know nothing about, especially if it seemingly has nothing to do with my experience. And I know it claimed no need for epic or IT knowledge; but I truly really don’t have much other than generic knowledge. Is this a job that can really be learned and done without any real prior experience? I know I’m kind of jumping the gun without having even spoken to this person yet, but I just wanted to have some idea what I was walking into before speaking to her and simple google searches don’t help me anticipate what a transition like this might entail.

  37. Yeah because of how epic keeps itself closed off from so many public spaces it's hard to know what you're doing. As an analyst TYPICALLY your job entails working with a specific Epic Application (Radiant, Cadence, ClinDoc, Ambulatory, Beacon,....) Day to day work is break fixes and client ticket solutions. I think it's very dependent on the organization you work for as well that's why it's hard to answer. As for previous experience my only epic experience was as a user nothing more. You will learn everything you need to know on the job and in class. Then it takes time to master things. I'm going on 2 months and things are starting to become easier for me and I don't have to look nearly as much stuff up or ask as many questions but I'm no master or anything. Take the call, ask questions, and get info. The biggest questions in my opinion are what application, are there on call responsibilities, and is this office, hybrid, or WFH?

  38. Not easy to come back from long injury into this train wreck of a squad and deliver… That being said, he simply hasn’t been good enough — service aside, I can barely remember a chance let alone a shot that he’s created in recent matches. Will always be behind Big Dom but not sure I want to see him starting the next match.

  39. I mean he was the assist to Iwobi's game winner. He created space for Iwobi to run into for the layoff to Gordon today. Yes he could be better but he's not doing nothing

  40. Against Burnley I agree, against ManU I think he'd have an absolute stinker (but we know he won't be fit for that, so it's all good)

  41. Exactly, he'll play out of this world and silence the naysayers vs Burnley and get injured sneezing post match just in time for Allan to come back

  42. Two keepers on the bench is back on the menu! Hopefully some more youngsters can force their way in

  43. I tweeted him with your post so we'll see how on top of Twitter notifications he is, my guess is we'll find out in a day or so

  44. Do you have any knowledge of the online courses by iamed or flightbridge? From the course overview they seem to cover a decent aamount.

  45. I've used Flightbridge online and Eric and his wife while super smart are very hard (for me) to listen to and just come off monotone. IAMed not so much. Online is very much you get what you put in and if you can learn that way it would probably be worth it. I know for me I don't do well online video learning.

  46. Eh, I think it's more they're teaching to a test not to advance education. And all of those programs are meant for new to flight people so I definitely agree after you have some experience under your belt it's all remedial/entry level knowledge so they come off as redundant. I will say I don't know whether you're a nurse or paramedic but they are definitely more focused towards the FP-C side as well so some of the "critical care education" is remedial for an ICU nurse

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