Imagine what they'll do when trump is sent to prison

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  1. Have you see the Super Duper Cut and Once Upon a Deadpool? also the promos for DP2? I was just watching them!

  2. Is the Super Duper cut just an extended DP2? I’ve seen Once Upon a Deadpool and the promos for 2.

  3. Ya 15 more minutes with some deleted scenes and alternate lines. Bluray release

  4. The right has basically turned into a Christian Hate Movement, and a Fascist one at that

  5. Make us believe the pledge we had to say for 13 years! And justice for ALL

  6. Problem with a lot of superhero movies now. No returning villains. They’re all one and done and then they die

  7. I just wrote they could use the dna swap tech Reverse Flash used on Harrison Wells from the show to recast Ezra!

  8. Grant Gustin takes place of the main Flash and Ezra becomes Reverse Flash only! They already crossed over! we want it! just do it ! They use the dna swap tech they used in the show so Grant can even be both!

  9. There are 50 states, dozens of counties in each and then dozens of towns/cites. Just research where you want to first and visit first of course!

  10. Kim's certainly had a lot of African DNA injections

  11. I never understood the “locker room talk” defense… “Oh it’s okay, we were only joking about dehumanizing and sexually assaulting women, it’s all good.”

  12. Ive seen pastor admitting it but theyd rather ban abortion

  13. I didn't ask how old she was, I asked how old you are. I assume you're a teenager? You'd be surprised how much people change as they age. It's inevitable that people put on weight when they reach middle age. It cannot be avoided no matter what anyone may tell you. I know people from high school who don't look anything like they used to. Like, they've completely changed physically to the point where you wouldn't recognize them except for their names. I admit it's really weird and dumb that she didn't recognize her own photos and I want to make it clear that I'm not defending her. It's just ... you'd be surprised is all.

  14. ridiculous af! Im 41…. youre acting like she is 60+

  15. ….:8484: a 12 yo or teen would think 37 is old… ya ok 👌

  16. 😂 kind of fitting right about now too

  17. They actually had to end that storyline because it was becoming too real

  18. The old Member berry from South Park 😂

  19. My man Doctors study FOR YEARS going into their early to mid 30s. Literally a decade plus of intense learning and hard work.

  20. They date and marry EACH OTHER! I was a medical school coordinator. extremely common….

  21. 😂😅 Medical students marry each other mostly! They spend tons of time together in a small circle and same social caste.

  22. viasat and hughes did the same dang thing with their old af tech but at least StarLink is using modern microsats and a grid

  23. The DOJ has been too soft on Trump and the January 6th insurrectionists, but historically the US was too soft on the Confederates, and that turned out okay. //s

  24. or they had to get him “dead to rights”, a solid case

  25. yooo! I had a mobile clinic (see if there is one in your state) do it! followed up with referral to Ortho and got a PA who formerly did Meps assessments and got the medical notes. I was told that the recruiters hold onto it if there is a question.

  26. No one wants to go down with the obviously sinking ship.

  27. DeSantis unfortunately, Cheney only got 6% and he is the front runner minus Drumpf

  28. I assure you, I have pissed out my ass a few times. Very unpleasant.

  29. especially when prepping for a dang colonoscopy or endoscopy!!

  30. it happens, occasionally, usually when there is a network connection issue on your end. sucks. report the feedback if you can under settings.

  31. FL: Not demented that I know. I used to try and recruit this elder at a local grocery store for an active senior for research studies a few times. He was always hesitant. Turns out he was a former hitman from the mafia on Boston. He went to prison because he killed his neighbors over a party! His past came to light. The store was scared af to talk about it for years!

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