Command & Conquer Red Alert - Soviet Base Diorama

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  1. But maybe, in 40 years, one of these kids will give acting another try and have a career resurgence, and hug Winona Ryder on stage as she presents them with an Oscar.

  2. But don't hug her too hard, you might break a rib. She'll be 92 years old in 40 years.

  3. Yes, my son and I go there regularly. Different times - he goes in the morning, I go in the evening.

  4. I was in the beta test for Sole Survivor. Way more fun in the beta than the actual release. Alpha Squad, Legends of Beta, Biscuits and Gravy...

  5. They barely make prequel UCS sets, I doubt they ever make a sequel UCS set. Only OT for you!

  6. Second UCS Millennium Falcon was original and sequel Trilogy. Luke's X-wing - Original Trilogy, Sequel Trilogy, and Mandolorian, all in one!

  7. Even when I was on the factory battery for a hybrid that was 7 years old, it wasn't getting the same mileage as a pure ICE vehicle. That doesn't look much better than pure ICE for that car. You might want to see if that replacement battery is covered by a warranty.

  8. The Empire improves every system it touches. Judge by any metric. Safety, prosperity, trade, opportunity, peace. Compare Imperial rule to what is happening now. Look outside. Is the world more peaceful since the revolution? I see nothing but death and chaos.

  9. I read too meny sub-reddits and didn't realize. I am ashamed and embarrassed that this isn't the only one.

  10. I actually happened to like flamin hot. Sue me! I liked the tickle in my throat!

  11. People thought it would taste like a liquid Cheeto. MD could re-release it and lean into the cinnamon, and probably sell a lot more. I liked it.

  12. Please refrain from using the word "need" around collectors of CI. Our definition is probably different from most people's :)

  13. Can't say I know for certaiin how the RAV-4 works, but most hybrids start with the engine, so you'd not get the same savings warming up the car.

  14. If you read GoodmanHoops tweets, right after he tweeted Pastner leaving, he had Brian Gregory being dismissed from his team. If Paul Hewitt is still coaching, he should be worried...

  15. Might be a drive for you, but Ponce De Leon Music Center in Cumming might be good. They serviced multiple saxophones that my sons played.

  16. And the sign said long haired freaky people need not apply

  17. Just put mine together, and have it displayed with the other four representations of LEGO Statue of Liberty - Architecture set, Brickhead, mini-figure, and the small one that's part of New York City Architecture set.

  18. No. But the angle of the pic makes it all look miniature and I’m feeling it. Good shot, even if it was on accident

  19. Repopulate the suburbs with coyotes and wolves. No need for hunters to cull dear if their natural predators will do it for free!

  20. All I got today was an email to add a line. Already have three, but thought I'd check the trade in value for my S9+. $27. Guess I'll stick with the S9+ for now.

  21. I call bullshit on this claim. Next you'll say that "New Zealand" is on the map as well. You can try to push these fake places with your "maps" all you like. Everyone knows better.

  22. You could sail in a straight line from England to New Zealand, if those places actually existed.

  23. Sangrita Blast didn't taste like pomegranate lol People only say they taste the same because of thier similar color when they couldn't be any more different! Cyclone was ok but sangrita blast was the best flavor ever!!!

  24. Conversely, I would go with a Cyclone mixed in to Diet Mountain Dew and it's always good, but Sangrita Blast I've had one time too many. And that one time was when I tasted it.

  25. I used to live there. It was a Mexican restaurant in 2000 when I moved away.

  26. Need to get the DeLorean set first and take this set back 10 years so you can open it properly.

  27. Drinking town with a sports problem. But the best food of any place at all. Name it we have. Can't name it we have it. Thought of something new? Nah that's a staple here. Like the time I learned other places didn't know what pizza logs were I was baffled. Its just so simple. And how does everyone else fuck up wings so bad? How?!?

  28. The same way Buffalo fucks up Super Bowls? They learn from the best!

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