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  1. I fear nothing but scavs with shotguns. Chads can eat my 8.5 buck to legs.

  2. This hits me… (Head, Eyes) 8.5 Magnum Buckshot

  3. So I’ve played both DMZ (Not a whole lot but decently) and tarkov (a lot) so I wanted to compare these 2, Tarkov is much harder, by a lot. You won’t be able to get the weapons you want to run right away, and you will for the first 15 levels be crawling for scraps, after you unlock flee you’ll get a lot more freedom in the ability buy items you want. Tarkov has a lot of learning involved, this includes the different armors, each type of bullet and caliber, general loot and key spawns. All of these combine to make a very hard game to play but very rewarding to master. You also asked about solo experience, it varies between raids, sometimes it’s successful and sometimes you’ll get steamrolled. Also don’t compare tarkov to DMZ, look at “The Cycle:Frontier” for a closer experience, think of tarkov as the “too many features version of those games”

  4. Specifically in that order if you can’t tell

  5. Personally I think hunters where a little underwhelming in PvE (pre 3.0)because there class ability doesn’t have a huge impact. Supers like the arrows where challenged by the existence of Divinity, and single target supers where good (Nighthawk) but things like Tcrash could also fit that role. Hunters just felt off compared to the support that warlocks could give. Nowadays it feels very different with the gameplay but this could easily be due to the fact I’m not a huge super invested player in playing this game, I have experience in GMs but I’m not a super big player so please correct me


  7. Every frame so masterfully rendered, it makes you want to stop and appreciate every one

  8. He’s wearing a plate to protect himself from when it recoils and he shoots himself

  9. Can’t wait for this to make armors like the slick and hex even more useless. Cause we already didn’t have enough reasons to not use them

  10. I can't say for sure, but I think he may have won the Darwin award. Looks like blood spurting in the frame right after the flash, hard to tell though.

  11. Looks like the pistol handmade barrel is dropped, his glove is still on him as can be seen as he retracts it from the “oh fuck it exploded” thingy

  12. I've heard of it but never seen it. Now I'm hoping I see the gulpers hanging upside-down ☺️

  13. I’ve seen the upside down gulpers but never these cool!

  14. This isn’t a miscut, this is their new booster pack where you get “fragments” of a card in each pack instead of a rare. /s

  15. I always try to include ways for Theives can’t in my play throughs, I mean, I try to include and that’s the thought that counts

  16. I wonder what it would be like with a full crew running it. Vampire on steroids?

  17. Actually did this once with a bunch of people and it was pretty effective

  18. Firefox is only a browser it can hurt you. Firefox:

  19. Why is this a spoiler? People out here getting mad you spoiled nature for them?

  20. God damn nature spoilers! I will now eat these reddish black berries…

  21. I’m glad that this happens only half the time, the other half I just stress while doing the work

  22. I've seen so many lost men over the years, they drop everything for the new significant other. They lose their hobbies and their personality.

  23. He became one of the most renowned characters in a franchise! /s

  24. Never spent more than 30$ for a single, have several that are worth more though (gambl fun, but bad)

  25. A game you can drop an hour on a day, not really, an average “Raid” (game session) is about 40 mins at most and for acquiring new items is mostly about completing tasks or simply buying them from flee. It’s not very accessible because it’s extremely technical and out of the box difficult to play especially solo

  26. I mean Activision played the ultimate gamer move of not making explicit the fact that they're not going after Tarkov, so a bunch of the Tarkov player base gave it a shot instead of dismissing it outright. If they retained a small amount of a competitors audience it's a win, their dedicated players were already gonna play it.

  27. DMZ is like Warzone and tarkov, heavily favoring the Warzone side… it’s simple and it’s fun, I’m currently having a blast playing it so far but I don’t think it’s going to have the longevity that tarkov has. Oh well so far it’s reaching my expectations

  28. People might just leave because they’re sad seeing all their effort for a legacy being wiped away.

  29. This. A lot of people traded for and up to their legacies, myself included. I think legacies are overpowered and do need a nerf, but there’s something so satisfying having a weapon that can be acquired anymore, it’s nothing like getting a good enclave or Gauss. I’m more disappointed because of the market crash this will cause. Personally make Gold bullion weapons tradeable and I’ll be good with this.

  30. Nerf legacies. Don’t remove them. How hard can it be? Lazy Bethesda.

  31. It’s also the fallout engine. I understand them not wanting to fuck with it anymore than necessary

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