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  1. Am I alone in really disliking Ru's runway look? It was like 8 parts cheshire cat muppet and 2 parts out of sync makeup and hair.

  2. It feels good to watch a finale where deciding the winner felt like it actually took into consideration the queens body of work and what did they throughout the competition versus including optics and fan reception.

  3. Abhora is absolutely rotted when it comes to following instructions, but she had my favorite floor show. I ate up her zombie cheerleader fantasy. I’m gutted to see her go. But the writing was on the walls since the very first episode for her lol

  4. She had laughing this entire episode from dancing with the mannequin, using her hairs as Pom poms, then going whoa that was so cool to Koco’s speech.

  5. I’m in literal awe rn, that was a masterclass of an episode. This episode had comedy, great drama, the cap to a season long storyline, fantastic character moments, a killer floor show, then the twist of Victoria picking the bottom 2.

  6. The way they’re edging us with Cyrus… I’m fully expecting him to be the last of the OG 8.

  7. Xenoblade 2 torna the Golden Country the ending that requires you community level 4 to unlock the final area you gain community 99% by completing side quests Making the side quests mandatory

  8. I fully quit T’orna when I realized that’s what you needed to do. Fuck that artificial gatekeeping nonsense.

  9. This blew my mind, not embarrass to say I’ve been back for this sandwich 3 times already this week.

  10. I want queens to stop doing that move during a lipsync where they look at the other queen kinda disgusted then try to copy their move but make it comical. It’s getting really overplayed

  11. Honestly, I need Abhora to teach a masterclass on this ability because any room I walk into I’m invisible ☠️

  12. That just makes it more embarrassing. You’re just a self-hating pick-me? Got it.

  13. I’m not sure who they hate more, themself or Meghan Markle. I’ve never seen someone post so much to a sub dedicated to hating on her. It’s obsessive and bizarre.

  14. Anyone think BP is gonna start a little late, cutting it close in the merch line.

  15. I was just confused. It flew right over my head, but to clarify in hindsight now: she was like... a teeny bopper spoiled rich alien goth girl shopping in a space station mall and hatching eggs?

  16. Same and I feel like I’m missing something with this grandmother bitch line. A lot of people seem to live for it but I’m still confused.

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