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  1. Not the answer to your question, but Bayfield is the better of the two Ford dealerships in town. Their service department had online booking long before Mapleview (if they even do now, idk). Unless you're looking for a Shelby or a Raptor I recommend steering clear of Mapleview.

  2. Thx. The purpose of the car starter was as a gift to my child for Christmas. Didn’t think it was relevant info for the context of the story/issue/complaint. It’s not my car

  3. Re: shadiness, maybe try a little social experiment and call up Bayfield with the same question...

  4. You didn't let it rest long enough if it's still blowing off steam and juicing out like that. You're losing all that moisture that should be in the meat if you were more patient.

  5. Or it's a nice brisket rested perfectly from 190 to 200 and down to 140.

  6. I’m with you OP. Had a wagyu brisket that did the same. Rested 6 hrs at 170. Brought down to 140 at room temp, then sliced. Did the same thing yours did.

  7. My girlfriend wanted it for hot pot as I was going to slice. but now I really want to smoke / reverse sear

  8. That 18" kettle is a beast! Great grill but it really performs as a little smoker.

  9. Peggy and Bobby can't be far away, they're cooking away from

  10. nth vote for a kettle. You can start basic and get some accessories (baskets, SnS, chimney, starter, etc), or go higher end like a Performer. $400 is a little low budget for ceramic, but you're in very good bang-for-buck territory with a steel kettle.

  11. Hey, thanks for your interest, iit is not available in Canada rn, probably in 1-2 months. We will announce it here.

  12. Hey, if you need any Canadian environment equipment testers, my kettles are ready!

  13. I have the Phantom. The finish sucks. Very prone to scratching if you try to clean it. However, no rust or anything other than extremely light scratches.

  14. The cast stainless grids, IR side burner and rotisserie (get the wing basket!) make the full package awesome. I also like the finish because it matches my kitchen appliances, but it's a new burden to keep clean.

  15. This one is small batch and does the trick for me. Nice heat and acidity with the fresh herby taste.

  16. Looks like you seared it with a wet shoe.

  17. Would love to smash two of these, rare with extra horseradish and a large orange soda while confessing to murders.

  18. Today I've managed to ignite it with ignition system. The problem was that electrodes were too close and were not generating strong enough spark. But still power of sizzle zone is to low. I've added 3 pics of connection hose and please take a look if you can indentify some problem.

  19. I dont see how should I put it more inside. There is a barrier. In the end I think that sizzle zone might be working fine. I edited original post with image taken in the night and with video that shows minimum and maximum knob position

  20. It is not in there properly, I compared yours with mine and the manual. You're really close to a 1000° searing station! Just get that nozzle in the right spot.

  21. You certainly could, but it would be a shame because it's awesome!

  22. Nothing like frying up some bacon on the side burner for your burgers, or heating up a pot of beans...

  23. This grill has an IR burner on the side for searing steaks for even more utility. Also works for pots and pans.

  24. Rock fish, leeks, and yellow pepper in the basket. Beef fingers on the side.

  25. I thought of something like this today while looking at a bag of maple lump. Perhaps a sign... looks awesome!

  26. Wanna compete next weekend for first time so this is a test run to experiment.

  27. Pink butchers paper instead of foil, sounds awesome otherwise!

  28. You will get better results from a charcoal setup versus a pellet smoker. Pellet smokers are more limited in what they can do, don't smoke as well, and cost more to operate.

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