What the inside of a factory farm looks like

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  1. The housing style. Why aren’t more people up in arms about the shoddy, ugly and just downright gloomy building styles here? Even modern houses look like Lego houses. No uniqueness or open plan living. Just small rooms piled on top of eachother? biggest reason I envy American homes.

  2. Seconded. It's not just the game itself, which I found boring even as a kid - but the entire culture of Football. Can't bloody stand any of it.

  3. You should look into NHL, I also hate football and it’s weird cult supporters in their 50s with big bellies and alcohol issues

  4. Surely both neighbours should have control of the fence height. Gonna be up and down like mad. Add in a few Karens and someone thinking you are being shady if it has moved slightly, it could get ugly.

  5. Literally Viking blood in Suffolk and Norfolk, you Glasgow guys really think you’re hot shit with your red skirts and piss warm beer?

  6. Hey you should duct tape the eyelets on your carabiner! It will prevent it ever getting snagged on rebar or dense undergrowth when fishing:)

  7. “Knights of the KKK” bitch your country can’t even have knights, gtfo.

  8. I love avocados from TGTG and rarley buy them tbh.

  9. Bit of salt and a teaspoon and it makes a perfect midnight snack 👌🏻

  10. It was already debunked, there’s several videos on YouTube exposing the Kiev videos and the worldwide videos which followed afterwards containing the very same exact bird noise from the Kiev videos. The sounds people have truly heard are just heavy machinery, probably concrete rollers and Jet thruster tests.

  11. And you only dropped a nickel? Ta fook

  12. I have £200 in total bets on at the moment (14 bets) and this line seems like it’ll get voided so I guess it doesn’t matter

  13. Actually I'm more shocked to see pounds wagered on hockey and not epl.

  14. I have no care for football at all. It’s not a large minority but there is such a minority of us brits that love the NHL:)

  15. One of my favorite ghost videos was from olllldddd Ghost Hunters, an episode where a younger woman had died & her name was “Chesney”… they caught a fleeting glimpse of her full figure apparition as they were shifting the camera to lift it up. Creepy af. Worth a watch if you can find it.

  16. Here is (supposedly mels wife) exposing the true Mel waters on a forums from 2007.

  17. Not true. Somebody that knew the real Mel actually posted in a forum that you can find online. She knew Mel very well and exposed him for the joker that he was. Some actually think it’s his wife on the forum.

  18. That's also one of the explanations offered for ship disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. Methane bubbles. That or then you can take your pick between a kraken or ship-stealing aliens.

  19. Plot twist: the guy with the frying pan is a time traveler and he stumbled upon this reenactment, unknowing of it being exactly that; a reenactment.

  20. Fact or faked: paranormal files did an investigation on a similar looking event that was witnessed in the UK. These are either stunt planes or drones (now that they are advanced enough) with pyrotechnics attached.

  21. Knife guy - “What’s gonna kill you faster? A knife or a gun?”

  22. Amazing keep it up, treat yourself to a nice barber visit. Number 1-2 around the sides and cleanup on top! Bit of hair wax and a quiff and you’ll be the sharpest guy on the block

  23. Does it feel like a pressure headache or muscular? A lot of muscles attach to the back of your head from your neck. I've pulled them doing ohp before.

  24. Pressure. I got it today from doing 2.3 minutes on the cycle warmup.

  25. Get it checked out I would. Doesn't seem normal to me.

  26. My friend gets it too though, and multiple sources online say the same thing that it is quite commonplace. But I don’t know how to stop it from happening.

  27. Although I agree the optimum human diet consists of meat and dairy and vegetables, I absolutely disagree with factory farming and close proximity suffering.

  28. I opened our food bin the other day and it was fucking hoaching wae the dirty bastards, they were driping out the sides and everything.

  29. Stick copper tape around the inside of your bin near the top, or stick black duct tape around the outside of the lid to stop maggots in their tracks. Most gastropods and larvae won’t slime over the copper tape (nobody knows why and I refuse to believe current theories because we cannot read the mind of a maggot).

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