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  1. I suggest putting an IP reserve on each speaker if you have access in your Wi-Fi settings.

  2. Done through your router or Wi-Fi mesh system. I install these regularly and, especially with mesh systems, they like to continually reassign the IP address and then the app can’t seem to find the Sonos device.

  3. While my kids are grown, I found it harder talking to my parents about the power of shrooms than them, lol.

  4. And also that you could save 15% or more by switching your car insurance.

  5. If you’re using Ring’s solar panels, buy a micro usb splitter. Although, one should be sufficient if it’s placed properly. Two panels getting poor sun exposure is not going to be any better than one.

  6. • Hire an accountant. •Be more thorough when/if cancelling a trial subscription. • Look through your bank statements more than once in 4 years.

  7. Well by that look alone…the carpet matches the drapes…

  8. Our experience is that the Sonos Alexa almost always responds better than our Dots.

  9. For me Alexa works fantastic on my Sonos equipment, and worse on my echo devices. I can talk to an echo in front of me and it will not respond at time but my Sonos will.

  10. I second this. My Sonos speaker in the bathroom hears everything while the echo dot right next to me just sits. My wife and I have found we have to next to whisper to the Dots if we only want that device to respond.

  11. Those shoestring fries though! A 5, but you have to know what you’re getting yourself into. The two clocks. The history. It’s a Milwaukee staple in my book.

  12. Ha! It was skipped as soon as I screenshot it. It was a surprise as well because I never look at the list.

  13. Cable TV as we knew it is disappearing, yet Bally bought the market from FSN and others and horribly restricted where consumers can view it. What did they expect to happen?! The fact that the only way I can see a Brewer game is to pay for cable or satellite tv says it all right there.

  14. I’m a once a month morning doser unless I’m camping. I take capsules with the exact same amount every time. One time is highly insightful, while the next time seemed like a dud. This last time felt like a dud until the following couple days while I became completely emotional and it was actually what I really needed. Don’t expect anything each time and just process whatever it gives you. It’s a marathon and not a sprint. It should all balance out in the end.

  15. Good luck. I’m not a fan of the whole ego death thing. So many on here imply that that is the beginning of healing with mushrooms. I call hogwash. Mushrooms have completely erased decades of negativity in my life….all through my moderate doses of feeling goofy for a few hours at a time. Best wishes for you and your journey.

  16. Also try Naked Threesome (Raised Grain)

  17. I’m in the northern half of the state and I’ve been asking for this for years now. They won’t distribute this far north. I always stock up when I head south.

  18. It’s better than anything I’ve ever taken, but it also looks like a hamster. In that case, I’ve taken better pictures of hamsters. JK. Keep it up. This is my year to start learning astrophotography. Good luck!

  19. I know you tried a pin, but the roughness of a toothpick can work as well. Have cleaned many a brushed on paint off of speaker grills before.

  20. The guy casually removing the knife at the end. That was clearly his superpower.

  21. Take a look below starting at around 5:20. Putting your Sonos units on a reserved or static IP can fix this in many cases.

  22. Expect them to be as good as they were. I’ve had some sitting out in the open for months in horrible heat and humidity and some that a friend gave back to me after 2 years. As good as new in all instances.

  23. Deleted and reinstalled the tidal app on windows and they're back. Odd, must be a bug after the last update.

  24. These holiday playlists, year in review and all have been hijacking some of my lists as well. It says My Daily Discover but it’s Christmas tunes instead. Also pop ups have been coming up repeatedly for the same lists. I’ve had to hard close and open the app 3-4x sometimes to get it to correct itself. Really hoping after Christmas it settles down a bit.

  25. I bought an IR floodlight for $20 off Amazon that lights up my whole front yard for the camera. It makes the Ring’s night vision irrelevant.

  26. This dude woke up and said, “Fuck it, we’re doing this now.”

  27. This study seems flawed. Also anecdotal evidence states otherwise pretty loudly in my experience

  28. Ditto. Had an open bag lost on a top shelf all through a hot and humid summer. Found em, shrugged, ate em thinking we’ll see. Then bam! Just like day one. Not including my capsules now that become a year old before I finish them all. I notice no difference throughout.

  29. I had mushrooms that I got when I was fourteen years old and had stored in a Tupperware with no desiccant. Forgotten for seven long years and just found them while moving, worked like new lol

  30. Haha, honestly, those are the best times when something like that happens.

  31. Stress or not, a hamster can run up to 10+ miles a day believe it or not. This is normal. Get the proper wheel and let the little guy go at it.

  32. Consider it your routine maintenance. Either set a schedule or re-dose every month or three as needed. You’ll be forever changed. And congrats! So good to hear these stories.

  33. Two of ours like to run behind and around the bathtub so we keep a jar of treats in there now. But this one has gotten out of hand. Tears in there sometimes already waiting before I turn around to sit down. And my wife can’t cut anything anymore in the kitchen without her running in there as well demanding. That started with carrots.

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