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  1. This dude woke up and said, “Fuck it, we’re doing this now.”

  2. This study seems flawed. Also anecdotal evidence states otherwise pretty loudly in my experience

  3. Ditto. Had an open bag lost on a top shelf all through a hot and humid summer. Found em, shrugged, ate em thinking we’ll see. Then bam! Just like day one. Not including my capsules now that become a year old before I finish them all. I notice no difference throughout.

  4. I had mushrooms that I got when I was fourteen years old and had stored in a Tupperware with no desiccant. Forgotten for seven long years and just found them while moving, worked like new lol

  5. Haha, honestly, those are the best times when something like that happens.

  6. Stress or not, a hamster can run up to 10+ miles a day believe it or not. This is normal. Get the proper wheel and let the little guy go at it.

  7. Consider it your routine maintenance. Either set a schedule or re-dose every month or three as needed. You’ll be forever changed. And congrats! So good to hear these stories.

  8. Two of ours like to run behind and around the bathtub so we keep a jar of treats in there now. But this one has gotten out of hand. Tears in there sometimes already waiting before I turn around to sit down. And my wife can’t cut anything anymore in the kitchen without her running in there as well demanding. That started with carrots.

  9. Ya they do alright, I don't remember them last year because of the high demand and low supply. Where are you buying from?

  10. Supply has continued to be and still is an issue, so I’m not sure we’ll see a sale this year again. The Amp for example has been on a rolling backorder on the website for a couple months now.

  11. I guarantee there’s probably more silent haters out there that hate this thing than those that actually like it. It’s a concept thing. I’m kinda digging the control panel though so far.

  12. For me at first glace I want to say "that's stupid", but then after looking at it for a minute or two, I think "you know, actually...".

  13. I have a plunge latch going into the edge of it from the side of the cab. But if you get a little squirrelly, it can move about 1/4”. So I built a wedge to slide in under one side and now it’s been perfect.

  14. No offense to OP, but I can’t believe we’re still taking about this decades later since I was a teen and probably decades before that. PSA: The effects are minimal if at all and the side effects can be horrible. There is zero reason to even consider this.

  15. Yes no offence to you, but you are probably 80 years old and I'm just starting out with psychedelics, I need advice and I am asking questions that I would like to get answers to. That's why I am on this forum... I thought psychedelics made you want to help others

  16. And I am simply trying to help you and others not to make a horrible mistake. It is not something that should even be considered. Take it how you want, but I am certainly trying to give solid advice. Bashing you would be, “Yeah, go try and it and let me know how it works out for you.” Now that would be a dick statement. This is the 3rd time I’ve seen this question here this week and it’s a little disturbing to me because of the effects and also the ill advice or research you’re getting on even considering this. So if you think I’m not trying to help you, then you’re taking my comment a little too personal.

  17. No need... I actually have used it for fire starters... But it can be toxic, so I don't use it. But the point is... You guys are commenting from within a box.

  18. Please take fire safety and also find a hobby instead this horribly long reply. I would never ever in a million years hire you for product development.

  19. To tag off of others, I’ve done it many times. The only thing is the ball pivot only allows the camera to tilt up so far. If you’re trying to cover a driveway or small yard, no problem.

  20. I’m guessing you wash this down with a douche rather than a glass of water?!

  21. yeah. 100/sheet was standard until the william pickard bust.

  22. I remember the 100 microdots barely visible in the corner of a baggie. They were my favorite. Never saw them again after.

  23. I asked my mother(rest her soul) in 2016 who she was all voting for and why. Her responses were strictly off of ‘facts’ she heard on commercials. I politely explained to her that non of those ‘facts’ are true and she could have really cared less. I left it at that.

  24. Turn off loudness normalization and it should fix it.

  25. While I haven’t verified that it fixed this problem for me, I can say for the first time in the 4/5 years I’ve used Tidal my headphones are set around 75% now today. I’ve had them mostly at 100% clearly hearing a volume drop at times for no reason. Sometimes I felt like they were only at half volume. Now I finally know why. Thank you!

  26. Happened on a drive last week. I was thoroughly annoyed. Took me a while to realize it was a Tidal problem.

  27. I forgot about an open bag with about the same amount on top of a cabinet through an entire summer of 90°F and high humidity a few years back. I ate them figuring ‘well if I feel something that’s great.’ Hit me just as hard as day one.

  28. OK that’s encouraging! How old were they altogether, beyond the summer?

  29. All I remember is I grew them the summer prior, threw that open bag on top of a cabinet in my shop in spring and discovered them mid fall when I was moving out. So they sat like that for at least 6 months. It was a 300 sq ft room surrounded by windows so the sun would bake the room daily and I live in a high humid area. Figured I’d maybe catch a little buzz, but they were full tilt and I had to park it for a couple hours while I enjoyed them.

  30. Take lower doses over months instead of thinking one dose is going to cure you. It doesn’t work that way. I’ve cured decades of anxiety and depression taking 1.5-2 grams about monthly for the last 3 years. Nothing happens instantaneously and will leave more even more desperate thinking so.

  31. Did this camping last October. The LSD was basically a dud on day 2 leaving me completely underwhelmed. Learned my lesson and won’t do it again.

  32. I had been depressed with suicidal thoughts most of my life. Down to where I knew how and where I was going to do it. Even with ‘level headed’ conversations with my wife that I know how, I just don’t know when. This is the better part of 4 decades of thought process.

  33. Found it much easier than using a pc.

  34. “Thanks for, uhhh, being good spirited!”

  35. Worked at AT&T for many years. This was my favorite thing to do, but I’d rest my hard hat on it first and it made it that much cooler. …that and squirrel rodeo. Ah, good times.

  36. When a squirrel would be halfway down the cable between poles, you’d grab the cable and spin it in a circle like hopscotch as hard as you could. The squirrel would start spinning around the cable and eventually have to go flying off. Good memories…

  37. Why I never liked strip clubs. Kinda felt the same.

  38. I want to make one like yours but setting raspberry pi gives me headache.

  39. Maybe because I’ve played enough with Retroarch, mame64 etc on a pc…but I found it easier at the backend once I figured out all the nuances. The reason I avoided them was because they kind of scared me, but I’m happy I did. I won’t give up all my pc setups, but I have no complaints with these for what I use them for.

  40. How do those speakers sound? I plan on doing a small "bartop" for my brother and have only used 4 inch speakers in the past

  41. For an arcade I’m actually quite impressed. Very clean sounding and fuller than I expected. Mind you, thy are only 2” so you have to know what to expect. Like $6 on Parts Express. I had multiple issues with the amplifier I bought from them so I just ordered a five pack of 3w amps off of Amazon for $9 and they work great.

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