1. My first time doing endometrin suppositories and it’s making me achy/ crampy down there like I’m on my period. Does this go away?

  2. Anyone else going into a FET with their one embryo and want to commiserate? I’m very excited to be at this point finally but ohhh so nervous with no other embryos to use if this one fails.

  3. I had my FET this morning and it ended up being really traumatic and I’m still processing it all (thank god for therapy tonight). I’m going to be emailing my nurse and letting her know that the care I received was not okay, and that a day that was supposed to be special and the potential start of our family was the most traumatic medical experience I’ve had. And instead of being able to focus on the actual transfer happening, I just sat there, in tears. Fuck I’m so sad that it happened this way.

  4. I'm so sorry you have had a bad experience with them. I switched to RMA NJ after doing 4 rounds at a small privately owned clinic, and I think the care I've gotten from RMA a clinical perspective has been outstanding and I've had better results there than at my old clinic, which I attribute to RMA having top notch doctors and embryologists. But I would agree that there are downsides. They are a huge fertility factory! This makes them very efficient but also it's a pretty impersonal experience. You rarely see your doctor and communication is often not great. My nurse seems pretty inexperienced - I honestly sometimes think I'm more knowledgeable about IVF than she is because I've done 5 ERs and 3 FETs, and spent hours researching and reading this sub lol. Oh and it pisses me off that they try to sell you laser acupuncture before your FETs. Fuck right off. I hope you find a clinic that is a better fit for you. Sending you a hug.

  5. Hey, Dazzling. Considering this is in the treatment thread I seems like you’re probably referring to a transvaginal ultrasound. If that’s the case I’m going to ask you to remove or edit this comment. Medical care is not the same as a sex toy. If I’m wrong and you’re talking about your collection of dildos please disregard.

  6. The FET nerves are seriously a thing huh? Starting to experience them now with waking up to start my day at 3am with massive migraine and puking 🙈

  7. The headache that won’t go away!! It’s awful. I was so shocked when I got heartburn. I honestly was t ven sure what it was a first because I’ve literally never had it. Best of luck to you! I hope it passes quickly!

  8. First beta was Thursday and it was positive. Sitting in the waiting room waiting to do the second one, but feeling good about how the test lines looked over the weekend. Feels a little unreal to be here but trying to just enjoy it and not worry too much.

  9. I am over the moon! Before my FET earlier, they gave us a usb drive with a video of the embryo developing. What a fun surprise!

  10. Wow that is sooo cool! How many times have you watched it? I would have it on replay. Haha. Good luck! ❤️

  11. Progesterone Suppositories VS Injections Question. Is there a benefit to suppositories over injections medically speaking? My old clinic was a progesterone injection daily, no suppositories. My new clinic is a progesterone injection every three days and twice a day suppositories. I am on day three of suppositories and they are TERRIBLE. I would gladly inject multiple times a day over this. Worth asking my clinic for a protocol change?

  12. I’m on stims day 5, and I have pretty much zero appetite.

  13. Lining looks good & I’m ready to start PIO tomorrow morning!

  14. up before the sun for baseline bloodwork and ultrasound. i did not sleep well. i am a zombie. i forgot about this part of the process 😂

  15. It’s amazing how fast you forget the littlest things! I had to get up at the crack of dawn on Monday after we switched the clocks forward🥵

  16. FINALLY cd1 after my longest cycle for no reason at all. ultrasound and bloodwork tomorrow and then the FET cycle begins!

  17. Yay!!!! I’m still waiting to ovulate. Always always waiting for something 😒

  18. So apparently the IVF coordinators were supposed to have read my post op notes from my hysteroscopy and told me to wait two cycles before scheduling my FET and told me to come off birth control. They didn’t and started me on FET prep (baseline next week). When I had my post op appointment with my doctor, she said I need to cancel all appointments and give at least a cycle for my uterus to recover from septum removal. I am feeling super sad. This week has been terrible with my FILs health, canceling my FET, and canceling my trip. I am going to throw myself a pity party tonight and cry into whatever take out I decide to order.

  19. 🥹😭😭😭get yourself some comfort food, watch something good on the television and enjoy a drink or two ;) I’ll be thinking of you ❤️

  20. Can anyone tell me the benefits of a modified non-medicated vs. fully medicated transfer. I had a failed transfer on 1/24 I did not love all the meds. RE recommended it to me considering my history. Also im hearing so much about letrozole being added into transfers right now, and the benefit of increasing Pregnancy rates.

  21. I’m doing what my clinic call an unmedicated transfer. Only drugs I’ll be taking is endometrin once I get close to ovulating and as soon as my LH surges I am taking a trigger > ovidrel.then my clinic sets the transfer date for 6 days after (when embryo would implant ,NOT when sperm meets the egg). And I have 1 metrogel and 1 progesterone suppository. One of them I take night before transfer and the other one is the day of the transfer. I can’t remember which one for what day though. From what I understand it’s a lot more monitoring appts. So far I’ve only went baseline (CD3) and my next one is CD10. I’m sure I’ll be going in a lot next week as I get close to ovulating. Transfer date is a lot more up in the air versus a medicated transfer. I hope this helps!

  22. Oh do I feel this. My husband also travels for work, and it really hurts sometimes when he runs off and leaves me to handle everything. I'm sorry you're dealing with this.

  23. A recent compromise was that he make sure his tickets are refundable/cancellable for credit. At least then I know backing out might be an option if something was going wrong or I really needed him here for support.

  24. This is exactly my thought process! My husband does not want to buy a refundable ticket though. Which I still cannot understand why.

  25. Mock transfer tomorrow! I am nervous since I always have had a hard time with paps, iuis, etc. Hopefully it goes ok 🤞

  26. took february off after my ER to wait for PGT results and enjoy life for a bit. you know, eating and drinking all the stuff we can’t have when in treatment. traveling. now i’m about to have CD1 and will have a medicated FET cycle and i’m actually rather anxious??? part of me is worried that having a fully medicated cycle will do more harm than good as i’ve never had lining problems before. but then i think to myself, “hey, burrito, you didn’t go to med school. your doctor did”

  27. 👋hi Burrito! My RE told me it was up to me what I wanted to do since I ovulate regularly and have a predictable cycle. Interesting part though is that she also told me the mediated and “ unmediated” for me are equivalent in terms of chances. Maybe this will ease your mind? 🙃

  28. No prob! And meant to say medicated versus un medicated lol . Stupid auto correct

  29. I was fine after the retrieval but now I’m on my second period post ER, and the hormone crash I think finally hit me. My PMS was ten times worse leading up to my period. If my husband breathed the wrong way I wanted to slap him. And this period now is way worse for me. I hope you feel better!!

  30. Were they still able to find it and access it for retrieval? That’s my fear! I’ve asked for an external scan if it’s still hiding tomorrow as they can sometimes see it from the top, my nurse kindly got that sorted for Monday on a fancy new ultrasound machine on the next floor up.

  31. Yeah everything turned out fine. They didn’t have trouble finding the eggs during the ER. Try not to worry!

  32. The meds already have me feeling super sick, not knowing about follicles tomorrow is going to add to it. I’d like to walk into ER with an idea of what’s going to happen rather than a mystery ovary that could have nothing

  33. I know 😞 unfortunately, you never know what will happen at any part of this process. Wishing the best for you!!

  34. I am afraid to ask but I guess I will anyway. How late is your second period after an egg retrieval? My body has been detoxing from ER meds since 1/31.

  35. This question is what brought me to this sub in the first place! Why don’t doctors tell you this stuff??Very normal for your ovulation and second period to be late. Mine was 5 days late.

  36. I know! My nurse never said a thing about this cycle! Just the one after the retrieval. Thanks for your response!

  37. I would ask your RE. My RE gave me a success rate based off of our infertility issues and the clinics success rate. I’m 34, we have MFI and she gave us a success rate of 70-80% and yes we only got one embryo to transfer and sill the same number 🙃

  38. Good luck! 🤞🤞🤞🤞 my one embryo transfer is in a couple of weeks as well!

  39. I was told by my RE the most important is that the embryo is genetically tested. If it has the correct amount of chromosomes, no matter what the grading is.. it is more likely to implant than the grade of embryo itself.

  40. We got the go ahead for one more IUI, but we are preparing ourselves to get ready for at least 1 cycle of IVF. I am really dreading IVF, specifically because of the needles and weight-gain (I struggle with disordered eating and body dismorphia). I would appreciate any advice on what to expect and/or how to cope. Thank you!

  41. Not everyone gains weight during IVF. I think it’s quite possible to eat healthy and exercise when possible to not really gain anything. If anything, it’s just some bloating here and there but not necessarily weight gain. Just wanted to throw that in there for you in case it helps😌

  42. I talked about this the other day, but does anyone feel silly having hope about all of this? I feel like it’s naive to feel so hopeful about my upcoming transfer, but this afternoon I had a behavioral health appointment and we talk a lot about med management and how to balance this process…and at the end of my appointment when we were scheduling my next appointment I found myself saying, “hopefully I’ll have some good news for you next time!” And all I could think was…that was rather hopeful & optimistic of me. Like I know the hope is good, but I sometimes feel foolish being hopeful.

  43. I’ve been optimistic, too booknerd. Unfortunately it didn’t take so well But I think you are allowed to feel hopeful. Anyone is. We know the ramifications of being too hopeful but I’d rather be in my bliss right now than go into my first FET with my one embryo with zero hope.

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