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  1. Any potential extension from the sub if the majority extends their blackout period?

  2. Most probably not, but we'll keep monitoring the situation and we will help in any way we can.

  3. r/BLACKPINK will be going dark on June 12 to June 14 to support the "Don't Let Reddit Kill 3rd Party Apps" movement

  4. Some places won't let you out and then back in because they don't want to let people go out to get food/drink. They want to make you stay and buy their consumables.

  5. I mean, I understand that. But it's weird that they really, truly cannot go back in. It's honestly so difficult to wrap my head around this cos it's such a bizarre thing to happen at concerts. I do understand Beyonce concerts usually have stricter protocols..? From what I've seen, but not being able to go back in is so ridiculous imo.

  6. Unfortunate, but It's no one's fault but her own. She got the tix so she had to be the one to talk to the booth. Their fault for going with to fix instead of waiting or talking to the employee about the already scanned tix. Irene and seul could have gone. Or maybe they couldn't go without the manager and it wouldnt have mattered if the 3rd ticket wasn't valid.

  7. Asia! I’m from Asia, it’s probably why seulrene (and I) had the same thought that we can go back in. In Asia, they have a stamp (usually they put a stamp on your wrist) as an evidence that you just went out for a bit.

  8. Hi guys :) I’m going to see red velvet and I don’t have an rv lightstick. Anyone know any cute alternatives to hold? Like how mamamoo fans take radishes or I think I heard something about rainbow feather dusters for rv? I’m not gonna take something too big I don’t want to annoy others but it’d be fun to just have something small.

  9. The rainbow feather duster for RV for sure! Even RV knows the significance of that, the first unofficial lightstick of RV :)

  10. Is it fine to just take nothing? I prefer to travel light to concerts, and I just like to sing and bop

  11. wtf none of these polls have shown up on my feed. I didn’t know this was happening until now and now I’m sad I missed out :(

  12. I think it's a Reddit bug, a number of users have been experiencing this lately.


  14. The previous match was so difficult! I ended up voting for UU but Power Up winning didn't really hurt me, since both are just queens in their own right.

  15. I don’t know if it’s just this sub or Reddit in general, but those titletrack polls don’t show up on my home feed.

  16. Apparently it’s a Reddit mobile bug, some of the posts don’t show up when you sort by ‘New’, and you can only see some when you sort by ‘Hot’.

  17. Any chance for solo or subunit songs? Seulgi’s solo is one of my favorite releases in kpop recently

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