1. I’m an animal - I go ketchup and brown sauce!

  2. yakuza 6 def has the best dragon engine graphics. lighting is next level in that game

  3. Considering the series isn’t exactly known for cutting edge graphic capabilities, I thought they did the “old ninja smoke man and the big secret” scenes really well.

  4. Pretty much every review I’ve seen has the same gripe as their biggest issue. It feels disconnected and it’s constantly pulling you out of immersion once you get into it. I was on the fence about it anyway, but I’ll probably leave it until it’s free on PS Store

  5. Nothing constructive in your post at all. Thank you for giving me further validation

  6. Don’t argue with literal filth, no point. See their post above to see just how much of a scab on humanity they are

  7. I think the easiest/quickest games to complete are Bingo Blitz and Family Island.

  8. I've been at level 57 for three days now, with between 2 and 4 hours trying per day. I think I'm gonna call it and just uninstall because it's very distinctly not fun anymore

  9. Everyone is concerned about the color of the cops and the deceased. That’s all besides the point. It was police brutality.

  10. I’m kind of concerned that so many in this thread seem to think getting fired within a reasonable timeframe is suitable punishment for 5 on 1 murder, regardless of race(s) involved

  11. Im on chapter 8 before the Mabuchi boss fight. I was hoping i could stick to the canon jobs so im guessing thats why im struggling at a point most people seem to find pretty easy

  12. I feel like switching jobs is pretty mandatory at least a couple of times (even setting aside the Ichiban foreman)

  13. I have one issue with Seong-hui, hear me out. She dresses very fashionably, of course, with high heels and a dangerously short skirt.

  14. I mean, it’s a borderline effortless way to keep her henchmen in check

  15. Literally the most boring part of the game. I hate saejima, such an overrated character.

  16. The only thing I dislike about Saejima is Batista. And the Y4 scene but I get why it was a thing.

  17. No offence, but NY/NJ mafia don't know shit about real-life Yakuza

  18. To be fair, in one scene (Lao Gui jumping down to the ground) he does say “you’d never catch an Italian doing that”

  19. There’s a year or two between most titles, and the Tojo Clan are always involved, but nobody knows each other (besides Kiryu, Daigo etc) but all seem to get promoted super quick, like each game the whole Tojo Clan have only been active members for a year but made Captain.

  20. Dragons are said to be rulers of the sky - so it makes sense there can be only one. That’s kind of why Ryuji makes a good point about the “of Kansai” part.

  21. I love the one between him and Nanba about wine/volleyball players

  22. So they just straight up believed them? No email/DMs between you and the other, no asking you outright beforehand, just “oh you’ve said this, so I’m just going to burn onboarding money”

  23. Yeah I spoke to the seller and asked why do you think this card is worth that much and he reckons one sold for as much as 10k recently a graded version I'm guessing so in his mind the raw copy is worth this much the person is clearly crazy

  24. Not even a graded one would hit anywhere near 10k, maybe slight chance of BGS Black Label 10 by someone with an obscene amount of disposable income and really really wanted one and was willing and knowingly overpaying massively, and needed it the same day or something. But definitely not a “usual” scenario.

  25. Even the BL that would be too high. This card actually has one of the highest BL pops so far. Which is great for the people who got one but also lowers the value significantly

  26. 23+ Black Labels for Gohan? That’s pretty crazy, but yeah in my head I was thinking Gohan BL would be likely 4k maybe 5 if the pop was low and 10k is what someone irresponsible with money but has a lot of it paid to guarantee it. Basing that entirely on my anecdotal BL = 12-15 times mint raw price.

  27. Men only gym or a gym that has separated floors for male / female would be awesome. One of the reasons I stopped going to the gym is just got tired of seeing all the fucking tik tok influencers modeling in the mirror / taking pictures yadda yadda yadda. Felt like I had to walk around looking at my shoes the whole time just to make sure someone didn't think I was "starring."

  28. I remember/miss when you’d catch the guy taking pictures of himself in the locker room and was mildly ridiculed for it. Now it’s just all over the floor, and as much as they refuse to admit it, is almost entirely one gender over the other.

  29. There's a big difference between a couple of people agreeing and a viable business. Are the guys who don't want to offend be willing to spend 2x or 3x (or more!) for this? Most of the time, no.

  30. The gym business went on successfully for many decades with a 95% male customer base.

  31. FFXII is one of the worst examples of "buy the strategy guide" out there. If you have any interest in optional content I really recommend you look at a guide, the game was developed with the intention of following one.

  32. Kiwami 1 era. You get to experience the mid/late 90s which was awesome, and experience the 2000s with commonplace internet

  33. What about the trans groups that found this hilarious and inventive? The presentation of trans groups as being a homogenous group of conservative minded liberals is lazy. In fact I'd bet a lot of trans people are busy doing honest work to make the next house payment and not hysterical over media oddities.

  34. Happens all the time, with everyone. Just chalk it down to good old journalistic integrity.

  35. The “first female character” babble was excessive and largely untrue. Probably deleted because they didn’t want outright lies in their reviews (vs opinions, which is the whole point)

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