1. AX stuff does not require any grinding, so if you want to avoid guardian tech and/or human engineering, you could start there. The flak + ax multi cannons would make you a helluvah support unit, but you wouldn’t do shit for dmg against interceptors.

  2. Everytime I come back in ED I'm hiped because I want to do something funny, but before there is always a massive gind that eventually makes me quit. RN I'm in a Cobra mk3 something like 3500ly from the bubble because I was unlocking that guy that requires you to travel that much away, I eventually got bored and left the ship and the game there...also, I have only small ships (Cobra Viper Vulture), is it enough to combat targoids?

  3. I’ve seen all kinds of anti xeno builds! I’m sure you can build it to suit your needs.

  4. Mini game is easy, takes less than 5min to complete. I spent max 4 hours grinding absolutely every resources at both sites and haven’t had to go back since x

  5. The general consensus is episodes 180~ to 200 is the peak of cumtown

  6. Anyone know the book(s) they referenced for Italy food gate eps ?

  7. Ye and Jones are creating the first on the spectrum marvel team

  8. I hope that guy enjoyed my sloppy seconds bc I fucked him first.

  9. I'm a little too salty right now, having turned in almost 500 signals a few weeks before this exo boom hit... but it looks like others are giving you good info.

  10. Shit, I’d be upset as well! Fortunately I haven’t touched exobiology so I’m looking forward to the bonuses.

  11. at the moment.. you can scan just about anything and get a nice payout (millions now for what used to be <100k). and rank up quick (a bit sad to say, I went from Geneticist to Elite V with not too much work, thanks to the update..)

  12. Yeah three of us are using lightly engineered krait 2 and have been putting a dent in the thargoids. We can all do our part to defend humanity!

  13. Tbh the grind is easy when comparing it to mmorpg grind, especially given the fact you can cheese the grinds by exiting to main menu and resetting the spawns

  14. I just need to engineer my heat sink and power distributor and my coke orbit krait will be ready for interceptor combat

  15. Waiting for them to make anti-xeno Tech more accessible

  16. Just grind the guardian sites for a couple hours and you’ll never have to go back.

  17. They don't have focus crystals at guardian sites.

  18. Hit up Davs hope or passively grind crystals during bounty hunting and the likes

  19. Any tips for a first time gun buyer wanting an antique? (use for target shooting) live in Midwest

  20. Did anyone wake up yesterday having finally gotten back on top of their sleep deficit, then as a result couldn’t go to sleep last night so now you’re exhausted again after a 4 day weekend?

  21. Starting to think I have apnea with the 3-4 hours I've been getting for a few months now

  22. Go get tested homie. It’s worth looking into or you’ll start losing brain cells through lack of oxygen while sleeping. Don’t go brain dead on us ya hear

  23. Feel broke af after seeing everyone else’s stacks 😂

  24. Scott, lay off social media for a while. It’s consuming you.

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