1. Well as someone pointed out to me… this could effect more of online then just TikTok.

  2. TikTok I could careless about. Problem is if the governments start getting more strict about online then online might just because not fun. I understand online is dangerous but there’s a really really simple way to solve this problem. Teach children the dangers of the internet or… don’t let them use it. I find it hilarious when I see all of these parents complaining about the danger of the internet when they have complete power over the kid and can just shut it down.

  3. In my opinion as much as the BOS seem to be the good guys they are kinda greedy. So I would choose BOS since they also hate everything that not “normal”

  4. I feel like he was in 76 so either A I’m crazy or B he’s in both 76 and 4

  5. I was playing hogwarts legacy and got 5 healing items from a chest. Didn’t think much about it till a boss came out and that’s when I realized never trust the game when you get a bunch of free healing.

  6. Only reason I’m gonna say bidoof is because all of these Pokémon are found in the first few patches of grass

  7. Honestly I hate black and white story because of the fact that you have to fight the elite 4 before fighting N which doesn’t make sense since this is a dangerous situation. Also the league only uses 4 Pokémon the first time so really it’s more of just 4 trainers who decide to block your way

  8. I have one question. How did you manage to die in the safest part of the game

  9. Yes I know. My question is how did he manage to fall off the cliff

  10. “Would you like to fight for civil rights or tweet a racial slur?”

  11. Fidough. First fairy type I used for a full play through. I loved my fidough sadly I removed it off the team since I got some good stuff post-game

  12. Honestly the problem with school is that everyone focuses so much on their grade that they don’t learn anything or just don’t care and sits in class because their parents force them to.

  13. I think it’s something from a joke about things being in the wall. I don’t really know either

  14. Not to be a jackass but tryed isn’t a word it should be tried. Have a good rest of your day.

  15. Your spouse literally says "Im not letting you take Shaun!" right before Kellog puts a bullet in their head.

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