1. You don't miss anything by watching the other series without watching it, but when you do watch and understand TOS you will miss the fact that all the other series are not as good.

  2. I can't be the only one confused and in need of context, right?

  3. In the Italian text is not written “no adults” but something like “adults should not climb/get on this structure to take pictures” (There is no object in the sentence so I’m not sure if it is a structure or a ride)

  4. Without sticking strictly to the choices, only using them as a guideline, here's mine.

  5. I’m a girl. How do I flirt? I don’t know the code. I feel like I weird guys out. I feel like people always say don’t judge a book by it’s cover as the saying goes apparently (I hate idioms but this one I understand), but I find the opposite problem. I feel sometimes I notice men will flirt with me but then after discovering I can’t make eye contact and am well fidgety as I’m sure many on this sub can relate too… the men make assumptions either I’m not interested or I’m weird … or I don’t know? Can someone help me out here. I do not know the code. Boys confuse me.

  6. Sounds to me like a combination of the burnout / depression and a negative self-judgement.

  7. best Nutrek show, actually the only watchable show, the actors/actresses are quite good, except the Doctor. The writing has zero innovation, the writers just recycle ideas from previous science fictions shows. I won't renew my subscription for the second series. I feel that the creators just see NuTrek as a product and have little or no creative pride in what they are doing. I will watch the Orville instead, I have only seen the first season of the Orville and it's fantastic.

  8. The Borg, especially the older truly frightening Borg from early TNG. They have very few weaknesses and adapt to correct those which are found. They have overwhelming power and can wipe out small fleets of Federation-level starships with one of theirs. They don't need planets, each cube is a self-sustaining bio-mechanical ecosystem which only needs to collect material from time to time from things like nebulae and asteroids and such. They grow their own drones in maturation chambers and only assimilate others as a bonus addition to their forces to throw against their enemies as cannon fodder.

  9. Part of it is someone taking more than they give, and another is taking more than you can afford. Either involves a lack of caring about you or others, a selfish motivation to take what they can with no regard to the other person's feelings or situation.

  10. What a coincidence, I also last had sex roughly around February.

  11. There was very little content in the last update, other than that though the game is great.

  12. The bed puzzles me; the ones on the Orville I mean. They seem to have bright blue lights right behind where a person's head would lie. They do that on Star Trek as well. That would drive me insane! I cannot bear light when I'm trying to sleep.

  13. Maybe they're reading lights? Maybe they go off when the crewmember is actually trying to sleep? I know I'd want a bright blue light like that to have an off switch.

  14. Nope, originated in TOS (like damned near everything else), the main computer had that function for communications and there was a handheld version that looked rather like a lightsaber. At the time it was semi-canonical that most species with interstellar culture spoke an agreed-upon language called Galactic Standard as a second language in addition to their native tongue. Whenever we heard English (or whatever the dialogue was dubbed into in foreign markets) they were actually speaking Standard.

  15. I read an article a few years ago talking about how modern US safety feature make up $10k worth of a new cars price. I bet it’s a lot more than that now.

  16. Most of which is to try to protect people from collisions with immensely oversized trucks and SUVs which should be limited to commercial license only.

  17. I've got the same problem except my issue is with dodge Rams.

  18. You were supposed to dodge them when they tried to ram you.

  19. Call me a purist if you want, but I say if it's not Leonard Nimoy it's not Spock.

  20. Sounds to me like some people need to seriously pull the sticks out of their asses, both in your former group and in the comment section. "Stay silent until it's your character's turn to speak", "don't make jokes", "act like it's a poker tournament", what the fuck? It's not a classroom or church service for hell's sake. It's also not a competitive sport.

  21. Of course not. The platform is explicitly enchanted (in game) to allow safety. It's outright stated by the Centaur Guide who introduces the MC to the herd, that it's only safe for humans in that one area. Anywhere else, you'll need the Centaur Transformation potion to engage with them.

  22. Ah, so there's magic involved. That's far more sensible than what you normally see with centaurs, minotaurs, monster cocks, etc which just tries to pretend that it's possible for a person to take a cock the size of a war club without catastrophic internal injuries.

  23. Definitely. There are only two places in the game where it's possible at all, and it's made absolutely, explicitly clear that there is magic involved. I still remember reading a few years back of some idiot that tried it in real life and bled out of internal injuries in an ER as a result. Not going to feed people's delusions about that * shudder *.

  24. Exactly the case which came to mind. It sounds to me like you've thought things through, sorry to have jumped to conclusions.

  25. I mean if it’s so obvious that she, you, I or anyone would try and steel tech why did they bring her on the ship? Then after she did it why did they let her stay? I’m sure somewhere down the line your plan or anyone else’s would fail.

  26. They were keeping an eye out for it, it's not like she was really good at hiding her motivations or thought process. They let her get caught to teach her a lesson, and then educated her on the reason behind that lesson at a point she was ready to absorb and understand it. She got the message.

  27. Best Terminator content we'd got since the original two movies so of course they cancelled it to focus on the terrible bullshit movies instead. :(

  28. Same, it makes me really sad to think about it.

  29. I didn't agree with all their story decisions, but since they had a pretty limited budget all things considered I understood why they made "time travel treadmill" the core premise. Being able to shoot in modern-day LA certainly made the difference between being able to produce on a network TV budget or not at all.

  30. “Dr Aging Single Mother, Her Annoying Kids, and Her Romantic Delusions”

  31. "Charly was borderline insubordinate at times"

  32. That's up to you buddy, I was just offering friendly advice. I like to discuss shows I like, I don't come to Reddit to rant about stuff I hate.

  33. This sub exists to allow fans to express themselves freely, including the sharing of criticism or negative opinions if they choose. You don't get to slag on them for it.

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