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  1. So you’re saying this isn’t supposed to happen?

  2. I sure hope so. I still cannot find the new Tabasco that’s out as well.

  3. Amazon you can buy and get 1 days prime

  4. Check the timing tensioner for missing/damaged teeth in the ratchet under the sleeve cover. Just a hunch that if it jumped time, that might be why.

  5. Probably use that rope to drag the prop out of the environment

  6. it costs more than hundreds of dollars to make 6 games on an engine that doesn't have functioning water

  7. Use a line output converter to the new amp/sub from the OEM fender sub wiring. I use a noname 187B because I use CarPlay. The wiki has the info for you in android Auto land

  8. One thing is for sure 10k is wayyyy too long for a service interval

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