1. Don’t mount your phone on your bike. You’ll ruin your camera lens

  2. I have one that has hidden in the same weird spot in my tank for about 8 months. He comes out as well but always ends up in the same odd spot.

  3. Damn man that’s like when I was in a tsunami while I was riding my H2 and I had to be goin at least 110. Then a bear came out of like nowhere and I had to layerdown

  4. That's a normal day in florida, and youre doing like 85 mph. I went 90 mph in a hurricane. I felt most comfortable at that speed.

  5. We call it pancake mix where I’m from. This is not pancake mix. Congrats!

  6. Nice! Mines got manifold issues and the timing chain jumped, in the shop now, big bill incoming but i’m excited for it to run right again.

  7. Why did didn’t you reverse it up?

  8. Wow so cool man! That looks so fun to play that on such a big screen!

  9. It really is! And the moire you see in this photo is nonexistent to the naked eye. I want to put it on our 0.9 system but it’s dual full 4k inputs and switch is only a single HD. The scaling is gonna look poopy.

  10. $15k-50k depends on the led pitch and processing choice. This is our most common 3.9mm, we go down to 0.7mm miniLED (4 rgb in one single led basically). I saw this question coming and didn’t want to answer it because it takes away from the spirit of the post IMO, but here we are.

  11. Are these the ones where the timing grenades the engine or the ones where the water pump fails and it overheats?

  12. Very true, but it can be added thankfully. 👍

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