1. I feel bad for the professional writers who have to adapt that absolute garbage story into a workable TV show. I wonder if they will go ahead and write Part 3 for Neil, he definitely needs the help.

  2. I didn’t watch the show, who is she ?

  3. Remember the Pittsburgh chapter from the first game? Remember the kindergarten teacher who ran the gang of ruthless thugs controlling the city?

  4. You are forgetting the story's most important character: Danny.

  5. Billions of naive sheep Will meet ghosts in coming years, that's for sure

  6. Rdr2 is still full price ($79.99) on the PS store.

  7. The commentaries are great. They're like a bonus podcast episode (imagine how good a KvS podcast would be).

  8. You'll notice most of them are bots or troll accounts created just to post in this sub, and maybe a couple of others. They barely engage with discussions and just call users stupid.

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