1. You're looking for the WordPress HTTP API:

  2. This is what you'd be looking for. Then, depending on what your data is and what your needs are, you'd just tie this in with AJAX or something on the front end. As far as the data transmission goes, though, this would probably be your ticket.

  3. Another thing I'd consider is whether or not something like a category might make more sense than trashing it. If it still needs to be edited, it seems like it still has some significance. If you simply don't want it displaying on the front end, you could use a category to filter out your front end results, or even just privately publish the posts.

  4. I'm probably in a minority here, but I hate it when people bend down to talk to me. It feels threatening and imposing. I much prefer it when people kneel as I don't have to crane my neck to look them in the eye, and it feels more equal. It also tells me that the other person is prepared to put in a little more effort to talk to me.

  5. I would have guessed people were more like you, so the other responses were eye opening.

  6. Yeah it can be tricky, I understand that with your profession chairs can be a bit of a luxury! Personally I wouldn’t mind if someone asked if I minded them kneeling, I would probably prefer that to someone just kneeling down. There can be quite a range of preferences though, and I can’t speak for everyone.

  7. Looks great! My REP dumbbell set has been sitting in a warehouse for a week, waiting for a truck to bring it the last leg of the trip... sure would be nice if I could actually get them to deliver it already, but I get how it goes this time of year.

  8. Call your local terminal (truck line local number). They require an appointment so the wait could just be administrative.

  9. They ended up calling this morning and dropped it off shortly after. Finally! Only opened one set so far but they look fantastic.

  10. Props to you PK. Not sure if you’ll see this but I like the genuineness of that. Yeah, there are companies that don’t care and will laugh all the way to the bank, but I’ve never gotten that sense from you and Fringe Sport. That’s why when I see Matt Pendergraph or @homegymgear on Instagram, I just cringe. I probably spent as much as they did on my gym and I can’t understand why they want the clout but not actually use it.

  11. I'm far from defending the IG crowd, but to play Devil's advocate for a moment, consider that for some people it is a source of income, like it or not. The flashiness of their environment likely has an impact on the performance of their content attempts. You will be hard pressed to find a single successful content creator that starts out every piece of content with a tetanus booster and a bunch of rusty equipment from the 80's.

  12. Rolex comments with an s. I haven't read the new comments but as of yesterday when I read this AMA there were at least three comments about your bmw, and Swiss time pieces. The question prompting the M3 response was asking about gym equipment, so that kind of felt like you were going out of your way to flex there, maybe I'm wrong but that's what it read like to me.

  13. You're choosing some really odd things to fixate on here. They seemed like appropriate analogies that made sense within the context.

  14. https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/wp_create_user/

  15. Exactly. wp_create_user with a few lines of AJAX and you'll be good to go.

  16. I just got those rogue weight pins. Am I stupid or is there no way you to get them very tight? They all droop under the weight

  17. Love mine. I have the keyless on my PR-5000, both 6 and 12". No droop at all but I also only have bumpers on mine.

  18. What am I looking at? The world's smallest trap bar or squat stands made for a giant?

  19. Yeah, probably just a hammer curl / tricep bar but you see trap bars so much more often that it was tripping my brain out a bit trying to sort out the scale of things.

  20. For what it's worth, I ended up building my own WP boilerplate theme. Works fantastic, was easy to build, built exactly the way I want it, and isn't packed full of useless fluff that I will have no/rare need for.

  21. Loads of people boycotting the amazon thing maybe why. I'm not watching it because of the self promotion.

  22. I couldn't help but chuckle at the irony of the self-promotion comment seeing how often you tug your own noodle over at

  23. Still self promotion, regardless of whether it's for-profit or not. Still hilariously ironic.

  24. This is why I love my Sorinex bar hanger. They plan for things like this and make their holes oblong to be more compatible with other companies. That's shortsighted on Rogue's part, IMO, but it is annoying that REP doesn't use a true 2" oc hole spacing.

  25. Dammit, I just looked, the Sorinex one is a better design for my needs and almost the same price! 🤦🏽‍♂️ aaasrrrgffhhhhh

  26. In my opinion, the ONLY thing the Rogue one has going for it over the Sorinex is the UHMW. I feel like Sorinex stopped the UHMW a bit short so getting things in and out is still potentially metal on metal. Otherwise, it's a fantastic piece of equipment.

  27. Once you get that set of gymnastic rings and you will have a setup that's really hard to beat for the cost/space. You're off to a great start.

  28. I considered TRX very briefly but once I discovered rings, I never gave them another look. I'm probably not qualified to really speak to TRX one way or another, all I know is that rings are affordable, they work fantastic, and they are very effective.

  29. The same as anything. Just because something weighs the same doesn't mean the quality is equal. Some people like having nicer things and don't mind paying for it. You're telling me you don't have any equipment that couldn't be replaced by something cheaper? What's your point?

  30. Downvote me all you want... I literally pulled the image into photoshop to rule out an optical illusion. The uprights are 3x the width of the holes. In case you're bad at math, that means it can't be 2" with 1" holes...

  31. Clearly you've gone the extra mile to calculate it. I downvoted you because you dismissed my advice as incorrect when neither of us actually have the true answer. Anyways, the best thing for the OP to do is just measure it.

  32. I saw something similar on Lowe’s, but how can I get the dimensions I want? I’m looking for something around 5’x5’ but I have around 6’x6’ to play with.

  33. Check with a glass company in your area. I've had some custom glass done and it was a lot cheaper than I expected. You may end up paying less than the big box stores and end up with something that's exactly what you're after, in stead of having the pay more to settle for less.

  34. For that size, you can either purchase a few of the widest and put them right next to each other, so you only see the seam. Or you can contact a mirror/glass supplier near you for a custom cut. It will be more expensive but no seams showing.

  35. Gotcha, I've got one of those ceiling fan heaters right above my bench it's blowing heat straight down so it's super effective. I like that it's electric because it's more convenient but it does jack up the power bill if I'm not careful.

  36. What do you warm it up to when you are using it? I find 50°F is the ideal temperature, on the low end. If I get my blood pumping with 5 min of cardio before going out to the gym it's perfect.

  37. Sometimes it's better not to argue with a super pro 😜

  38. For me the benefit of ACF is custom Gutenberg blocks are really easy to make

  39. Custom Gutenberg blocks aren't inherently difficult to make without ACF. My current project is full of custom blocks and they took almost no time to build.

  40. What are you considering the "tagline for the site"? As far as, where are you expecting it to be displayed? The use of the tagline is also entirely theme specific, so it would be helpful to at least know what theme you're using. Also, what exactly are you calling a "wall of text"? That leaves a lot to the imagination.

  41. In your template don't wrap the_content in any bs container. Then in Gutenberg you can use a plugin like

  42. This is hardly a situation where a plugin is needed. The time savings is minimal vs just doing it the right way. Keep in mind, this is

  43. I'm not sure this is a trivial situation if you want to handle it in gutenberg using blocks. And I also posted the official WP way to do it without plugins.

  44. Writing a few lines of code is hardly reinventing the wheel. It also is quite trivial to do without a plugin. The solution to this task isn't rocket science. The benefits of using a plugin in this case don't even remotely outweigh the potential negatives.

  45. Out of curiosity, what is actually keeping you going to the commercial gym?

  46. Obviously the money needs to come from somewhere in order to pay the raises given to the people in marketing and packaging who came up with the genius boxes.

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