1. I'm understanding some of the pros for police militarization.

  2. Do your sheets snag with bowlines or shackles with a captive pin? I'm genuinely boggled by this approach.

  3. Hit the gym, eat a good diet, and get plenty of sleep. Don't let her down. Those are rookie numbers. Your dick won't fall off.

  4. Sex exhaustion is a real thing. I know it's hard for some to understand.

  5. Trump will never spend a minute in any institution despite any prosecution. This is all theater and will only serve to hyper-energize his base.

  6. Probably to hop on carpool lanes if it is lol

  7. That and possibly to deter riders from sitting up front.

  8. Is informing the authorities and posting staff on the scene to inform people not common sense either?

  9. It's a valid point. I've no idea whether they did or did not. They need to be highly adaptive regardless.

  10. They didn’t. That is why I mentioned it.

  11. Though, there's definitely a distinction in the US, where hard shoulder is paved and soft is dirt or gravel.

  12. Yosemite should be banned from this site. Unfair advantage! /s

  13. We deserve everything that's coming to us. Not because of these gerrymandering fucks, but allowing it to continue for 200 years.

  14. I can’t be bothered worrying about people who are stressed about million dollar homes

  15. 1Mil home in Orange County is not really extravagant. Lots of everyday people who would be absolutely devastated from losing their home.

  16. To own a million dollar home, you need to be making at least 250k. That’s less than 5% of Americans. That’s not “everyday people.”

  17. That's not fair. A large percentage of these people are older and bought in for far less than their current home value. It doesn't mean they're all wealthy... wise perhaps, living smart and comfortably perhaps, but still good, normal folks who would be devastated by a disaster.

  18. Is this a Corden hate fest? Not a great performance, but it wasn't terrible either.

  19. For all those asking if it was fatal, it was. His head is no longer attached to his neck, which is generally pretty tough to walk off.

  20. Imagine if we could clone this guy from the extracted DNA of his remains, but the extraction contains all his living memories. Hollywood?

  21. Just praying Dicker isn't Kaeding 2.0 in the playoffs again, if we make it that far.

  22. why would you even put that into the universe

  23. I never entertained the thought until that missed FG in the WC round.

  24. Had a similar situation with a similar looking dog try this on me at a get together. Like 10 people level get together. Fucking owner just laughed instead of trying to restrain his dog. Fuck that guy.

  25. Clump of cells with the potential (albeit higher potential) of becoming a human. The jizz you shoot into a napkin therefore should have rights by that argument.

  26. "My cat. We got in a fight. Can I stay here for a while to cool off?

  27. And there's nothing that anyone can say or do that will take away the pain of right now. I'm glad you have at least a semblance to look ahead. That takes guts.

  28. I have a cousin who lives in Crestline and they really got nailed. We’re just not used to snow catastrophes.

  29. Truth. The Big Bear community is more adept at this, but from Crestline to Running Springs, we were really caught off guard.

  30. Glad you got bailed out. It's flooding up north. Cool sculpture.

  31. Thanks! Still so many people need assistance. We're one of the lucky ones.

  32. I’m confused on why they think he was Roid raging the guys not exactly Ronnie Coleman

  33. I can only assume PTSD. He was in all likelihood a great kid who got severely fucked up by war.

  34. Because whoever posted this went with the most convenient title.

  35. Why is this so funny? I laugh every time.

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