1. Airball cashes in on a hand where Berkey would win $3.2 million on a bad beat jackpot and his fanboys are creaming their pants lol

  2. He won 23k on that hand, Berkey didn’t even reload his stack. Also Berkey had at one point a +400k lead in this, he’s now on a 500k downswing to Nik Airball

  3. I'm not impressed with Krimbo and Faven tbh. They need a star awper.

  4. How are you possibly not impressed with Krimbo? You clearly don’t understand the game or watch most of their matches

  5. What did I say? When they WERE a top 10 team? The team assembled in the picture above was when they were a top 10 team.

  6. did anyone see his pod yesterday with Nic? i loved how he defended Berkey against being a scam artist. I couldn't help but think, takes one to know one.

  7. He also defended himself when Berkey called Nick out for having such a low iq, then the next day he makes a play like this.

  8. i didn’t watch this hand so idk the action but just looking at the screenshot i don’t agree at all that this is a bad fold. he has a straight with a flush already on the board. is dark knight all in? if so then it’s not a bad fold by any means. i’d do the same thing in many situations depending on the opponent. and i make a lot of money so idk 🤷‍♂️. if nick thinks dark knight already has a flush then it means he has 7 outs to the river …which is about 14% equity to win.

  9. How do you know they don’t speak English?

  10. The video they posted to hype up the stream they had to use English subtitles because they couldn’t speak English

  11. No this was almost certainly about the gambling on twitch scandal back when a bunch of streamers threatened to boycott twitch if they didn't do something about the gambling channels. I highly highly doubt this is related to HCL.

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