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  1. This. Hell is a result of the fall of man and a man's choice on earth to knowingly and totally reject God. Hell is a continuation of this separation from God, but now it is absolute separation. And the soul is very aware of this and so suffers in existing in a place devoid of God who is love. The soul realizes their rejection of God. But I do not believe what the soul in hell would feel is regret. It's too late. There is no love there at all. I think those souls would curse at God. The devil does not really understand love, but one thing is certain--he does not want it to exist.

  2. Your upvote is at 666, I’m too nervous to touch that.

  3. 50 days! Congratulations, friend. IWNDWYT

  4. Me too!! Last night I debated drinking, but settled for Stranger Things instead. This morning I woke up and literally thought, "I'm so glad I didn't drink last night."

  5. Lots of fruit and veggies! I am vegetarian so she gets a lot of leftover veggies and veggie scraps. Me trying to cook meat is embarrassing, because I don’t know how, so she’ll get chicken and turkey and fish from my grandma and my mom and boyfriend. I don’t give her cookies/treats unless they’re simple, whole/real ingredients. She LOVES the salmon jerky dog treats from Trader Joe’s. They’re so smelly but she goes nuts for them. Only ingredient is salmon. Her favorite snack by far is blueberries. I even started having to buy her frozen blueberries so she actually chews them, and now she likes them even more!! She loves sweet potato, pumpkin, rice, apples, all berries, clementines, broccoli, edamame, carrots, sweet bell peppers, cucumbers. She likes bananas occasionally but will only eat a bite or two. She loves any sweet fruit or veggie, this girls got a sweet tooth!! Watermelon, corn- she’ll eat it right off the cob. She LOVES salmon, she likes lamb, turkey. Anything she wants, she can have. No processed sugars or anything crazy. She eats an organic kibble but in her old age she eats much less of that

  6. It’s called whole paws, it’s Whole Foods brand (yes, I am aware she is a diva). In her old age whenever I find something she’ll eat and hold an appetite for, that’s what she gets. I do not believe the entirety of ingredients are 100% organic, but I swap it out with different flavors of that brand so she doesn’t get bored. She has a stomach of steel and doesn’t get sick when switching food thankfully. I’ve switched her food around for her entire life until we found whole paws

  7. I’m not sure what it is exactly about Golden girls but I always think flowers. We named ours Dandy Lion 🦁 instead of Dandelion because she was so spunky and her nickname is Dandy.

  8. We named our golden Rosie so I think it might be a common thing

  9. Ashi is the older one, Juji for the little one. I named them after grappling techniques ( Ashi Garami & Juji Gatame) since we own a gym and they spend majority of their time there :)

  10. I would argue this technique of re-framing my mind has been one of the foundational building blocks that has allowed me to change my life. The math for me has been change my thoughts, change my life, and it started with making small adjustments like this every single day. These small changes are the compound interest of change, because done consistently over time, have completely changed my mindset and mental health.

  11. So much yes to this - it is rippling to other sections of my life and is cultivating change there too!

  12. I'm one month in. I will not drink today. My 14 y/o dog is sick so early trip to vet. Worried a lot. I do find happiness in my pets.

  13. My pups are my babies (13 yr old and 4 yr old pups) Thinking of you and I hope for a positive outcome.

  14. Sometimes I tell people I don’t know very well that alcohol started making me feel sick. I tell them that even a sip gives me a terrible stomach ache for the rest of the night.

  15. I’m not sure if drinking impacted anyone else like this, but you know all those house products that you never had the time to do? But really wanted to do… ? Maybe not quite a hobby but getting those buggers done!

  16. That has to be the most spoiled pup, and probably rightly so!

  17. I am so sorry this happened, but I WISH I was more like you.

  18. I’m glad you didn’t drink! Non alcoholic wine helped me out at family Christmas last year.

  19. Yeah, I have gone back and forth with this but I think having a safety back up is a good decision

  20. Wow, if that’s not a sign then I don’t know what is… I’m glad you didn’t drink. IWNDWYT

  21. Babies!!!! We have the same a shepherd and golden; best pair!

  22. It’s possible this is a permanent issue with the rug. Have you investigated whether you can return it? We returned a mattress once because the strong chemical odour just did not fade.

  23. Technically we can, but it’s a 14x10 (I believe;it’s a large wool one/very heavy) and we were hoping to not have to go through that extra headache.

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