1. IMO, they’re all rats. Trust no one.

  2. Several mothman type around O’Hare airport about 5 years ago.

  3. Looks awesome! If you're going to do it again, I've been really enjoying these bits lately:

  4. I work in a new rapid prototyping department at my job and just got the supplies in to cnc my first custom PCB. Pretty excited about it!

  5. It’s easier to take away than it is to add. Don’t route too deep your first pass.

  6. Try covering the cooper with layer of WD-40 for milling. I found this way you'll get much, much cleaner cuts, without those rough edges ( if you dial feeds and speeds correctly). For lager boards, auto leveling is a must.

  7. Thanks for the advice re WD-40.

  8. Uh... It looks like you're using a CEM-1 blank? I wouldn't use a fluid on that class of substrate as it's basically compressed cotton and could absorb some. I have no idea if/how that would affect the elecronics, but soldering an oil-impregnated PCB wouldn't be fun.

  9. You’re no “freak”. It’s a meaningless label.

  10. She didn’t get away. We’ve been together over 30 years now.

  11. Towels are really good to have. Big enough to swaddle and for burping.

  12. The City already has issues with recruiting and retention. It’s honestly incredible how many temps have been hired lately across all departments too (and they don’t receive paid benefits). Interesting choices being made lately.

  13. Not really. No paid benefits = saving money.

  14. Good point about slipping, especially if she's playing with water toys or something. I'll have to look at outdoor carpet, that might be cheaper than rubber mats.

  15. Outdoor carpet and nail it in place.

  16. Thank you! This was in far western north-central Texas, just a few miles from the NM state line. The nearest large city is Lubbock, which is some miles to the east.

  17. Thought so because the terrain is so flat.

  18. I hear DFPS is always hiring.

  19. When did Google take that picture and how?

  20. They still have these at the elem school my son goes to.

  21. We can forget about ourselves.

  22. “The strength of the pack is the wolf. And the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

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