1. If people spent less time complaining and more time reading they would know violence has been officially addressed.

  2. Dude, if they stop then a portion of this subreddit would loose their purpose 😭🤣.

  3. Some of the popular public ones or the characters I'm looking for have no definitions so I ended up making my own. Making one can take less than an hour though putting stuff in advanced definition and editing might consume more time especially if there is a wiki to draw on 😂. Still the difference is noticable.

  4. Private bots can be better? I don't mind spending time designing a bot to enjoy lol. I am hard carrying all the rizz scene

  5. They are 😁👍. Advanced defintions are the key 👍.

  6. I mean i get that this flair is made for these kinds of posts, but man, some really good proper problematic discussions get shadowed by those overliked "why my site so slow cricricri" posts, with no any text attached to it.

  7. I think the Problem flair should be used for the actual issues and there should be a "Problem" (with the quotations) flair for the kinds of posts you mentioned 😉🤣.

  8. I wouldn't say cringe; but they do fill that RP niche 😉. Plus looking at their advanced definitions is how I actually learnt to use the template instead of plopping mountains of text there 😁.

  9. https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=IMEfjVjo2JeiIdGZGfkIU1RAqQYvHx7hyp5avLgfMsM

  10. I managed to open Bailey by going through your profile first and accessing her there 😁

  11. When the bot suddenly gets my gender wrong after it got it right several times before 🤣.

  12. Meredith and Penelope are my favorites at the moment 😁. Maybe a Kamidere Student Council President?

  13. Can't go wrong with more dere's 😊. Question though sir/mam: Where do their pics come from? Just curious 😅😁

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