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  1. Well played, you absolutely destroyed them and made it look easy. Not gonna lie I’m a bit jealous you’re playing on that map as all I seem to get is the castle map, and Kessel when playing HvV. The game at least for me doesn’t see to do a great job at rotating maps. Anyone else notice this?

  2. May just be you. I barely ever get Kessel anymore. I actually forgot it existed.

  3. He probably is smurfing, but to be honest I can see a level 8 Han doing this, if they've played other blaster heroes to level 300 or so.

  4. This reminds me when I started HL2 on an ancient PC and he lagged and took a few seconds longer to start talking

  5. Mantis Warriors. I know nothing about their lore, and I don’t care for White Scars that much, but I like their scheme/symbol.

  6. Goodbye Angels, Did I Let You Know, Police Station, Monarchy of Roses, Look Around, Did I Let You Know, Ethiopia, Raindance Maggie, Meet Me At The Corner, Factory of Faith... Which of those are "kinda mid" and why....?

  7. I think because they aren’t from BSSM, Cali, or Stadium the sub doesn’t like them

  8. I’m With You and The Getaway get too much negativity IMO. They both have really good songs, and yea they have a slightly different feel, but to me it’s a nice refresh after three top tier albums with Frusciante.

  9. I don’t care about anything else. B1s are in the trailer and that’s enough for me.

  10. BSSM doesn't have a single true skipover, Cali has one or two.

  11. super easy to fix if you submerge in hot water and bend into place

  12. 5 brushes… $40… and used?? I bought new, good brushes on Amazon for $15. And it was a pack of 9 or so.

  13. ykys says:

    Trollge still great meme

  14. OHHH MY GOD THIS IS SO FRESKING SCARY!!!! TROLL FACE IS GONNA KILL ME!!!!!!!! (I am in first grade by the way, troll face is super scary to first graders)

  15. if her eyes were a bit further apart she would look just like this one girl i know

  16. Me making weird looking SFMs for comments (guys they’re really funny right?)

  17. Hahahhahaha it’s funny because eggdog hasn’t been relevant for years hahahahahaahahahaha

  18. Good to know it works!! Starting my own HH IF army so I’m glad it looks good!

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