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  1. Ja about to find out it's free to see how hollows feel if he keeps simping


  3. I'd be happy with anybody but THT haha

  4. Both teams on the 2nd night of a back to back.

  5. Is anyone having issues responding to the right comment? Reddit issue?

  6. Yeah man, frogs legs are an acquired taste

  7. The extra deaths have not even been created yet. That requires possible mo-cap work, work from animators, artists, etc.

  8. Yeah it's the OG Dead Space crew for the most part.

  9. I did this maybe twenty year's ago with my friend, we built an enclosure for his case with some intake fans and an exhaust fan on top with a dryer duct venting the heat outside, it dropped the temperature of his room significantly.

  10. My coworker has his pc setup in the room under his staircase haha. He made a hole in the wall that leads to his garage for exhaust and one into the living room for intake for cooler/filtered air. He originally had his xbox in the same little room before he built his PC.

  11. How does one go about selling a ring like that though? I assume walking into a pawn shop or jewelry store and saying “I found this on the beach” won’t get you anywhere close to 40k.

  12. You probably wouldn’t be able to, high end diamonds are serialized and viewable under microscope.

  13. Would it have to be reported stolen? If I find a wallet with $5k cash but no I.D. that had been out for a while there is really not need to find the original owner since it was lost, not stolen.

  14. Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico are big baseball people too

  15. Puerto Rico is a US territory, and thus part of the United States.

  16. Yeah, but it is still it's own culture.

  17. Because your nipples are for feeding babies in seclusion, obviously. /s

  18. So no one is talking about his pose?

  19. Because he already explained it in the sticky

  20. Take this down, I don’t need to see serious takes from my idol

  21. He did say Child Porn 3 was strong, sneaky jerk

  22. Smallpox is the absolute worst disease ever by almost every metric

  23. Polio seems awful too. Luckily we have vaccines for these. Less fortunate for us as a species, we have antivaxxers with huge mouths spewing vitriol.

  24. Erm, no. These are NOT official cases. They are simply replacements.

  25. So my 22 year old copy of Tekken Tag Tournament in the original case is a replacement? The one Santa brought me for christmas?

  26. There aren't any stock images for the punchline

  27. because the actual reason they were removed is because of expired licenses, nothing to do with sales numbers

  28. I know Spiderman is owned by Sony, are any other heroes individually licensed?

  29. All the X-Men too. Deadpool. Basically any Marvel movie that was made by Fox or Sony before Disney bought out Marvel.

  30. Jesus what a shit show. I'm not a fan of MCU but the M:UA games were fun on PS2

  31. Warriors announcers are fucking garbage. There has to be 3-4 guys at a random gas station they could hire and do a better job than these chumps.

  32. They would be awesome if you're a warriors fan tbh

  33. I don't know. They just sit around flapping on and dick riding the players. Absolutely nothing of value is uttered out of them. Just spewing nothing.

  34. I thought those were 4 day old temporary tattoos with how smudgy they are.

  35. Ænema but they slowly fill the venue with water and make their escape immediately after

  36. Now that you mention it, are all the nanomachines battery powered? How do they recharge?

  37. But only straight porn, right? That’s the most important part.

  38. Fun fact: the mormon church teaches that porn addiction turns you gay! Source: was a mormon who had to confess to looking at porn too my bishop, who gave me a pamphlet made by the church.