1. Depends on the size. Smaller then me and I will pound that ass. Bigger then me, well I will bend over and take you for a ride.

  2. Make sure that you blow your load deep inside of me. Your choice between mouth or ass…or both

  3. I am in love with your body. Simply gorgeous 😍

  4. I'd suck it and ask you to shove it up my ass 💜😉

  5. Whatever she asked of me. 😀 Especially considering the fact that her cock is a lot bigger than mine.

  6. I would suck all that yummy cream out of it!! And have you fuck me after I do that! 🥴🤤

  7. Be super excited that now I’ve just doubled my pants wardrobe 🤣

  8. Nothing treat her the same as any other date. But I would be definitely trying for a second. Secretly wanting to get some action on the first one .

  9. All of the above —- Sexxy 🤤

  10. On second thought. I think I’d start by taking you to dinner. 💕💕

  11. That’s a wonderful idea. How long can you hold your breath?;)

  12. Help you out...pump and suck it...till you surrender your hot load !!

  13. Of course, we can’t have that big distraction now can we 😏😏🤤❤️

  14. It’s really interrupting my studying, thanks for being such a good friend and helping ;)

  15. Oh I definitely think we can resolve that

  16. thats one hard problem. its going to take some time and hard work to get it solved

  17. Let’s start with your mouth while you look deeply into my eyes 🤭

  18. Only be upset if you didn’t tell me to get on my knees😏

  19. Hard to be mad at something so beautiful ❤️❤️

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