1. Nu-uh. I like Rey a lot, but Obi-Wan Kenobi is the best character/Jedi.

  2. I've been getting up at 5 am for the past 25 years, steady. Blue collar.

  3. Samsung. TV broke a few days after their warranty expired. Their response was “tough shit”. A few weeks later, three TVs at work, also Samsung, also a few weeks out of warranty, all broke. Displays started getting horizontal dead lines. I also have a Samsung fridge, and it has the most problematic unreliable ice maker I’ve ever seen.

  4. Their cell phones are super reliable, though. Last for years.

  5. Ah yes, the cocky and overconfident but kinda stupid space jockey should express this knowledge of Palpatine's return more eloquently:

  6. Woke! Girl boss Leia! Men are depicted as incompetent! All the villains are conservative white males! Agenda!

  7. What behavior? Pity and compassion? The same traits Luke has?

  8. Tate radiates so much small dick energy, I bet other men's dicks would shrink just by being in the same room as him.

  9. Yeesh, that's the most "wealthy people in the 70s" thing I've seen in ages. I'm surprised the toilet isn't gold plated.

  10. Oh? Then you saw a different story than the one I saw.

  11. https://www.aonprd.com/SpellDisplay.aspx?ItemName=Implosion

  12. I spent some time being interested in theism, in general. I read all the related material I could get my hands on. The Koran, the Bible, the Tanakh, the Tripitaka, the Tao Te Ching, and everything related to paganism.

  13. I've always seen it that way, and GL has always described it as such, AFAIK

  14. My son was kitbashing drones when he was 7-8, and built his first desktop when he was nine.

  15. No. The idea behind the Force ghost phenomenon is that it requires a pinnacle of selflessness... a trait that the Sith simply do not possess.

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