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to block the German autobahn

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  1. No, it's "grrrgraphics", a cartoonist that regularly lampoons Garrisons comics.

  2. I know who you’re talking about but grrraphics is garrison’s own company, not the parody artist

  3. Ohh, okay. In any case, I'm quite sure this came from the parody artist. I don't imagine Garrison would actually crit capitalism

  4. Huh? Fn2187 is a fine character, played by a fine actor.

  5. I get memes are supposed to be funny and not taken seriously, but OPs image is literally fake news given that most people who see it won't read the comments and think to themselves "Huh, WTF Canada?"

  6. I know. It's a bit irritating, which is why I posted the cbc article.

  7. I hope you don't mind I stole that link, and replied directly to OP to

  8. That's a sea urchin, probably got busted and eaten by an otter.

  9. The entire wing rotates around the cockpit, which includes the rear fuselage (which, incidentally, houses the life support systems).

  10. That’s a helpful explanation. Thank you

  11. No problem. I have several of the ships and vehicles guide books, with schematics and such.

  12. American right wing libertarianism is "minarchist"...meaning that they're quite comfortable with a state apparatus, as long as it's privatized and benefits them, personally.

  13. The one that chased him into the station and charged him between the cars.

  14. Yep. I'm not defending the unarmed fool who goaded Rittenhouse into shooting him.

  15. I recently looked at the trailer for this, and...I was actually pleasantly surprised at how good it looks in comparison to its ill-fated and terrible predecessors.

  16. Chewie wasn't awarded the medal. It was Han's medal. He was inheriting Han's medal.

  17. Yep. He got his own medal in ANH, just offscreen. It would be unseemly for a princess to stand upon a step ladder at an award ceremony.

  18. Let's just say we've had some issues of people hanging out in streets and railways for longer than they should.

  19. Yes, Im aware of the so-called freedom convoy and the Coutts blockade (I live in Alberta), but the horsemen are able to deal with them. We don't need more, and besides which, we have different laws concerning protesters in roadways.

  20. They DO do their job, though LOL we just have different laws.

  21. Could you elaborate on your last sentence? How was it conceived to be unfair?

  22. If you got time, or an audible subscription David Graeber's Debt the first 5000 years is nice, but what I liked more - but it is kinda dry and Graeber died before finishing it - is "The Dawn of Everything", really good book in terms of challenging ones assumptions.

  23. I would like to add "The Origin of Capitalism" by Ellen Wood to your list.

  24. Maybe she's getting worse vibes from the dagger because it literally hungers for blood, and it was used to murder HER PARENTS.

  25. Came here to say this. Ochi of Bestoon used that very dagger to murder her parents.

  26. 51. A fair bit of debt: car payments, as well as a smallish loan to pay for the insurance. Nothing major, I don't have a house anymore, and I never went to university, so no student loans to pay for.

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