1. I love being in states where I have the choice to carry if I so desire to.

  2. I would recommend waiting about 30 days. we should have rulings about vacating the 9th stay on Williams by then.

  3. I’m not familiar w the 9th stay on Williams man, can you explain

  4. sorry Miller V Bonta williams was another case I was looking into.

  5. rob bonta dressed as the grinch will sneak down your chimney to steal your guns

  6. You do not have to be a felon for Bonta to do that. I think I caught his ass halfway down my chimney last week... It was a warm night when I started that fire.

  7. Hopefully that changes soon. Like the history says, these are common firearms and are not “assault weapons”.

  8. If I remember correctly, the 9th has 16 court days +5 for mailings. And if I remember correctly a lower court and 3 judge panel already sided with us.

  9. FPC files for the 9th to lift the stay, we may have a chance to get rid of the fin grip

  10. I have has Alien Gear holsters for years I have not been a fan of their later stuff but that is a personal choice and not a real complaint on their equipment. I had to use their warranty once and it was dead easy. Are they the worst out there, not at all but they are not the best either.

  11. A14 says:

    Cheaper than dirt was a fun catalogue in the 2000’s but ever since the mass shootings around 2010-2012 they would inflate prices drastically once they saw an increase in demand. Cheaper than dirt is the last place I would give my money

  12. I remember I think it was in 2010 when all the panic buying happened they canceled all orders as "not in stock" and then reposted the item the next day for 3x the cost. I have never bought from them since. Optics planets is hit or miss, for me I have had no issue on the site,s I have ordered, Brownells is awesome and midway is not bad.

  13. Treat Pioneer like 2-bit hooker infected with crotch crickets... stay the hell away from it

  14. They are paying you to take it? No I would ask for more!

  15. That ban is at least objective in the sense it’s a blanket restriction and I can ALMOST understand the legalese logic behind the ban.

  16. I am not so concerned about the local PD buying off roaster gun I hate the blanket exemption the legislation placed on themselves in regards to these laws.

  17. Most of the legislature doesn’t personally give a shit about gun issues. I don’t think removing the blanket issue would do much except make gun owners feel better.

  18. removing it starts to level the playing ground. Remember the way the laws are written they can have all the things legally that they deny us from having.

  19. I have both and love them both but I think the WPB Jack is just a nicer-looking rifle.

  20. I think the color is washed out and hard to tell what you are running except a magpul mag.

  21. actually, we do not have to be your friend anymore your mom quit paying us....

  22. Go ahead and yeehaw it up in the hills with your front tooth Buck. 👍🏽

  23. Yeah, and you keep yucking it up at your minimum wage job, hoping that the liberals running these areas finally give a shit about the people they think they lord over.

  24. Texas is where ive hunted them. We used aks n sks. Couldnt walk more than 30 mins through thr woods without finding them, usually in huge groups. Went to hawaii recently and theyre also a huge problem there.

  25. I know 2 brothers from the Big Island that use to hunt hogs in a manner I would call pure nuts. But pigs cause a $120 million in agricultural damage and more to the cattle industry if I remember correctly. My BIL drives down to TX to hunt pigs a couple of times a year.

  26. U mean hunting them with knives? Yeah that shit is crazy

  27. I love my Jack but I have her dressed up like a Ukrainian Call Girl.

  28. You are young, you will have a long time to live with the regret of selling a reliable rifle. I watched my dad sell a few guns and then regret it... I learned from him and now I have a safe full of pistols that I do not shoot

  29. Unless you buy American made AK, then sell off to recoup losses

  30. Yeah unless you’re a criminal in the Bay Area. Then those statutes don’t count. Remember that the county leaders started a program to pay criminals in the bay every month just not to shoot each other…with guns that they shouldn’t have in the first place. I’m not even joking. The program is called “cash for criminals”. So if they’re paying cash for criminals who they know have illegal guns and high capacity mags, why do they care about our registered guns?

  31. I thought the Cash For Criminals program was where criminals robbed us of everything and then did not get arrested or charged for it.

  32. I did but I was hoping for a group response. The buyers guide shows one guys video abs says don’t buy this pos.

  33. and you are not finding anyone with any knowledge arguing that the guide should be changed?

  34. As long as it's an actual enclosed trunk, and not an ope 'passenger-accessible space' like in SUVs, wagons, and minivans.

  35. OR VW, Volvos.... Basically if you can reach into the trunk from the passenger compartment you will find a DA that will screw you on it even if it is only the old Ski pass theough the Volvo's had at one point.

  36. Do not listen to these guys... the VSKA is a fine rifle just up your life and accidental death or dismemberment insurance to $2 million each, Your family will need it.

  37. Strike two. The search to find somebody with a brain continues.

  38. Honest question as I know how some medical professionals in this state work.

  39. You're under no obligation to say anything. Whatever you tell a doctor is voluntary.

  40. I know you are not obligated but I spent 6 years working in a psych unit so I know some of the shit they can and will pull.

  41. Nice rifle, and with the way the droughts are going for us we will be able to recover them when the lakes are drained.

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