1. Its a risk but, bait yourself to get her catch you.. Maybe just maybe

  2. Use the 3L bucket to fill up the 5L bucket. Initially you'd be 2L deficit right. So fill it up again using the 3L bucket. So any water remaining, assuming none are spilled, is equal to 1L

  3. So is exactly my gym every Saturday afternoon whenever some females come

  4. I mean. They could've copied some famous bldgs. The blueprints are public. But noooo. Let's put a massive chandelier and have some skinny walls next to it. And forget about the ceiling. Let's make it plain white, not even some plasters to match the ridiculous grandiose.

  5. I will eat you out till you explode in my mouth baby girl

  6. Silicone spatula set. A 24$ knife (it's on sale, priced at 75$). And some paintings in auction in eBay.

  7. Silicone spatula are a game changer, once you go that direction there's no going back

  8. Yesssss.. A good quality one is a kitchen-gasm. Esp those with different colours for different food stuff.. Ohhhhh sweet lawd

  9. Uh don't forget the assasin ass gloves. No fingerprints in the murder w eapon/s

  10. Sydney trains can’t go for a week without throwing tantrums!

  11. I found this at a local waltermart grocery. I'm not sure if they have it on other grocery chains. I would hope so. But if not, ill just buy more next time

  12. I say its cheaper than the Nestle alternative. And you're helping a local business, employing local people, which is good.

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