1. Tara art teacher, Willow -0runs her own computer consulting firm Anya -expands her shop intoa chain.

  2. Real owner of the house is dead, no? Or was it that all those frat house and stuff have Latin welcomes on them. As for Giles, once he’s in, he’s in.

  3. Yeah that’s true he does go and pick the book up I just thought he went to pick the book up because it’s his book. Yeah maybe they visited at some point

  4. I always found it super weird how everyone just glossed over the more problematic things that the core trio did. Xander tried to rape Buffy while possessed then lied about not remembering it, Willow used memory charms on Tara to make her forget their fight then had sex with her, Buffy left Dawn alone with Spike after Spike tried to rape her. Like all of the core trio made some terrible choices then boom next episode it’s forgotten.

  5. Spike couldn't hurt Dawn, nor had he any reason to wnat to. Adn Willow and Tara had sex many hours later

  6. Any of the groups am in always mention spike Angel the Trio and even Xander they never mention Faith or Willow

  7. So then you have to ask yourself, why did he dump Willow and leave town… for years?

  8. Same season for Pete's sake, not "for years" sheehs.

  9. Honestly, learning her past trauma makes the entire character make sense. She is the reflection of what Buffy could have been had she not had the support system. I read the canon book about Faith and her life before her first watcher was killed and it all sucked.

  10. Canon is the revisionist garbage in S9/10 comics not *Go ask MalicE*

  11. I wonder where she got those nice white bandages from

  12. Over the past 20 years, my ,mental picture of Mary the mothe r of jesus has acquired Amber's features (differne t coloring of course.)

  13. because that power came from the dark magicks and black arts, however i do wish they could’ve focused on willow harnessing her true power more in season 7!

  14. She didn't do that until Chosen. I like WhiteWillow, teamed her up ina fic with my own idea of BLueTara to close a portal

  15. Buffy and Cordy friends no not ever. Many times involved - with Master, Reptile Boy, Slayerfest. Cordy aware of all Buffy did, was grateful, but still hated her. In Angel when she hot apt. told ghost "I'm no whiney the vampire slayer"

  16. I always figured he was still in the transformation process and was going to get bigger or at least stronger. It’s also possible he just planned to make Sunnydale a new demon haven and slowly build up rather than just go straight out to crusading, ala what the Wishverse Master did.

  17. I often think the Wishverse Master leased abunch of other demons how took over much of the world, like they would have in "The Zeppo," andd got Sunnydale a s his reward/fief.

  18. The Mayor makes clear in "this year's Girl" he has no intention of destroying the world, he seems to want to be worshipped. She'd be a deputy, his Chief Assassin or such.

  19. Thank you so much people get caught on the word and cannot see the context. Chloe was not contending with ideation linked to anything other than firsts manipulation, it’s no different than Annabelle. Her duty is to prevent the living potentials from making the same choice. Plus Buffy knows emotions are strength and she wants the potentials too angry to be scared if it’s at her

  20. Annabelle wans';t even dealing wiht that, she just panicked, forgettign that walls can shield you,a s can other.s Like that teen demon in "hero" thinking thta running off by himself could be better thna wherever the ship would take the,m

  21. It alwyas had a strong gay following, watch parties in bars etc.

  22. When Cordelia sees Angel for the first time and says "hello salty goodness." Took a while before I realized that one.

  23. It's a reference to a commercial of the time, actually

  24. Oh really?! What's the commercial? I'm old enough to have watched this when it aired but I don't remember a commercial mentioning salty goodness. But that would probably make more sense.

  25. If he's the character they least care about, then why not toss him the hot potato? Giles, Willow, Buffy, Tara, Spike, and even Anya are all too smart to mess with magic in such a dumb way. But Xander had always been dumb since season 1. And by this point those terrible writers didn't care about him, thus they just made it so he was the one who did it. It doesn't make sense because it's not supposed to make sense.

  26. Ouch, kind of like how i have W&T's oldest daughter and X&A's older daughter/oldest child do in two fics i wrote; except they were only 8 at the time.

  27. I write fanfic as well, and I don't disregard any of the main character's growth because that would be such a colossal waste of time. Why have a character that isn't going to grow into anything useful later? It's so dumb.

  28. Yes, Xander was use d a s a wastebasket character to stuff plot twists into. (Summer grows up into what Faith might have been if she'd had a good home life, a version of Faith I've seen in severla fics at the Kittenboard, and she's mor e pwoerful withc thna either of her moms.

  29. I can’t stand their relationship. She is always asking Leonard to do things that are not him. Makes me want to skip those episodes when rewatching.

  30. I like them simply because thye are sow ell-0written

  31. I know our priya hate makes this too easy to justify, but I think he wasn't wrong. They and a wya fo doing things whiuch mostly worked.

  32. I see Spike's remark in S"chool Hard"a s just a metaphor, Jacka dn the Beanstalk reference, not thta Buffy is bleeding,a nd not that she's not either, I see it as irrelevant.

  33. Alyson Hannigan’s performance as Willow made me check out her other projects. I loved Willow and when I see Lily I can still see some of Willow shine through during her performance. I agree with your statement completely.

  34. I'm sor tof acompeltist but yes BtVS led to hIMYM for me

  35. Don't remember if I shared this or not in here. If I have, my apologies. Back in the Buffy days, she answered fan mail. Don't know if she still does or not

  36. What i got back when i w rote to Aly between S6 & 7 was a preautogrpahe d picture. (I sent her a nice printed copy of the firts tow verses of my lyric "Blinded By the Ashes." I signed the sheet with my pseudonym for lyrics..)

  37. I think you might be referring to non-religious cults, which are a thing that is definitely real. The main categories I know of are political cults, financial/business cults, psychology/self-improvement cults and recovery cults.

  38. It really is wild. A while back when I was still in the US, I had a good friend who told me he got hired by a company and he was so excited about it because of all the promises they made him. He told me the company wanted to interview some of his friends to get an idea of who he was as a person. Weird, and raised some red flags but I told him I’d be a point of reference. The guy who called me made it very apparent that he wanted to hire me and interview me, which is not why I thought he was calling.

  39. I recalla few months after Sept 11th I went to a seminar offerign to get in on the ground floor of selling "neighborhood security systems."

  40. The pilot wasn't an episode, it was used to sell it but they tweaked the story after. Admitteldy i didn't watch the firts season w hen it aired but as far as I know this was never broadcast so it was never really there *to* remove.

  41. Many reasons. E.g. of all a general feeling of unfairness, where you spent years of your life and they are telling you, you just wasted your time. Also its not the same to study when you are 18 than when you are 55.... and so on.

  42. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0533435/fullcredits/stunts?ref_=m_ttfc_19

  43. Thanks iaU I actuallysaw that page, alas doens't tell me "hooz hoo" :-).

  44. Yeah what an occasion having someone resurrected and a long time love processing. Such a good time to mock

  45. So, like most people, you avoid my questions. No wonder I'm not convinced anyone on earth knows a damn thing.

  46. I think it's very explainable as he's making stuff up to make him seem cooler.

  47. He's also in S8 the "Wolves At the Gate" storyline. i really liked Renee, darn it. Loving one of the Core Four is a form of suicide it seems,and yes i know I'm exaggerating to express my bad moods.

  48. According to Spike in Buffy Vs. Dracula. Dracula's powers were...

  49. His tone of voice, to me, reeks of grapes, sour variety

  50. I was less talking about themes than i was 1- presentation to t he audience 2- salaries for guest stars.

  51. The writers didn't exactly care about calendar dates. It would not be the first time that dates didn't exactly line up. I remember in Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered that Valentine's day was shown to be on a school day. But the year that episode aired Valentine's day was on a Saturday.

  52. I was shocked when I first heard ray fins were sometimes cookie-cuttered to sub as huge, fake scallops. Never under estimate someone’s ability to cheat.

  53. Rayfin just means a bony fish other than lungfish and coelacanths.

  54. Sharks are super high in ammonia; they filter it out of water through their gills, then store it in their tissues. The ammonia is used to make urea, which keeps their skin hydrated in salty sea water. The ammonia also makes nitrogen when it is processed (urea itself contains a fair amount of nitrogen), which they can then use to tide them over when they aren't able to source protein for nitrogen production. They're interesting creatures! But that ammonia and urea will build up quickly and the older the meat, the worse it will be.

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