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  1. Not a dr, but It sounds like it could be a thyroid issue. Both of you, please see a dr. Excessive, unintentional weight loss is always a reason to check in with your dr.

  2. That's why I thought I was dying - all tests (including thyroid) were fine?!?

  3. This sounds a little bit like hyperthyroidism to me to be honest. Would love to hear what a physician thinks.

  4. Oh they did test my thyroid twice - that was normal 🤷‍♀️

  5. Honestly I’d get Canadian tire road side. You get like 5 free tows up to 250km and unlimited to a CT. It’s like 100$ a year. I use it a few times to bring to my garage of choice. Well worth it when the tow is usually 80$ alone.

  6. I’m pretty sure there’s like a little leeway I don’t recall but I’d 100% order it now then later. Wait a day or two then call a tow ha

  7. This is what I did, thank you so much! It's supposed to activate after 24 hours but I asked and they accepted 🤷‍♀️ 80 bucks!

  8. Please do a piece on the Indigenous identity theft of Vianne Timmons of Memorial University! This is just the latest in a series of fireable offenses, if there were any justice for the rich, but instead she deleted her Twitter and put herself on 6-week paid vacation (almost 60k) so she can "reflect". We hate her so much I am happy to throw my entire uni under the bus.

  9. Damn. I know a ton of people who went to MUN. I wonder if they know.

  10. If they're still getting Newsline emails that Vianne is using as her propaganda channel, then they know.

  11. Where tf did they find the players for this season, they're all so unhinged

  12. Both women dealing with these breakups like they're getting turned down at a job interview. So much "I appreciate your honesty and respect your decision, thank you for the opportunity."

  13. The words are right but the tears are wildly unprofessional

  14. The way she was crying and worried she offended him afterwards left a really bad taste in my mouth. This interaction was like cold water being poured on the whole franchise; really illuminated what a fucked up power dynamic the whole show is. It's laughable anyone can find "love" when one half of the couple feels like they're that much higher/lower than the other. And all the women probably feel like her all the time, whether Zach is treating them good at the moment or not. Just constantly trying to please him, worried about the moment he changes his mind. Ickkkkkk.

  15. I thought there could be no way it would live up to its hype but I just watched it exceeded. I would trust this man with all my dealings.

  16. It's a necessary evil. This admin has been getting away with the grift for way too long.

  17. I don’t care what anyone says, Zach is endearing and a man that talks about his dogs in the same breath as his family is a GOOD DUDE

  18. I don't make these he saying that he is a producer puppet? I'm srs

  19. This stinks of false flag. No way anyone from MUNFA did this. Maybe a misguided student, but I have my doubts.

  20. I think it's obvious no one from MUNFA did this. It's probably the people who just like to see the world burn and get in on the action. Or people hoping to cast blame on MUNFA, but you think they would get her name right.

  21. Regardless of their issues withholding essential healthcare workers as leverage is wrong.

  22. The issues really do matter. It is MUN admin who are wrong here (and they are, if you look into it, blatantly abusing their power), and any collateral damage is in their court.

  23. I don't even mean on a technical level - more comedically/narratively there just seems more thought put in!

  24. If you appreciate this sort of stuff for comedic effect there’s a moment in HvV that you will absolutely love. Without giving anything away, 2 players are having a conversation and the camera pans to reveal that other players are sitting with them at the absolute perfect time. It’s so good you might think it was a reshot but it was just great instinct on the crew’s part.

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